I’ve had this idea for a while of doing a song a day blog and I finally got around to it.  It’s just a place to put up a song I like and nothing more.  I’ll say a few things to introduce the song or whatever and comments are definitely welcome.

Music is so important to me.  I spend at least 6 hours a day with headphones on.  I’m always listening to or creating music.  I’ll put up some of my own songs sometimes too.  I would also love to put up songs made by others who comment or follow here.  Just got to hit me up.

So I had the perfect song to get this blog started.  I had a nice intro planned out and everything.  But then last Friday changed everything.  The murder of those twenty kids really messed me up big time.  None of those twenty-six people deserved to die.  It breaks my heart and I cannot understand.  On the weekend I heard a song dedication on the radio for them kids.  It made me cry.  For my first song on this blog I would like to pass on that dedication.

The White Stripes – We’re Going to Be Friends


6 responses to “Tribute

  1. Oh D, That made me cry too. I seen all about those little kids all weekend and what all happened to them. They said he was mentally ill and i believe that. I don't know anyone that would do that if they are normal. Why was he so scared of all those little kids? They couldn't have hurt him at all. Why did he do that? Richard


  2. Hi, D! I'll be looking forward to hearing more good music you post, especially when it is yours. Thank you for the invite.

    This really is a touching song. It looks toward the positive side of friendship, I really like that, even if it also brings memories of a horrible tragedy, for which I doubt there will ever be a clear explanation. All we can do is pray for the families and friends that are still here, never forget those that aren't, and hope that it never happens again.

    Peace <3


  3. It's been nearly a week since evil visited here and the staccato of gunfire shattered the dreams of so many people… parents, teachers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles… grandpas, grandmas…. little playmates who do not understand why God called Dylan or Charlotte, Jesse or Grace… or 16 other little angels away from all of us.

    I know how you feel, little man. I watched the horror unfold after returning home from work. Unaware what had happened so close to home. I was doing OK until I got the phone call from next door… “Did you hear?”… And then the crushing news.

    Sometimes, it really IS too much, DJ, but we must carry on, even tho the tears never dry between these senseless acts. There IS good in this world even at the darkest times. We must find it in our hearts, and watch over the innocent ones in our own lives. Hug them, protect them, and pray that they can find their way without fear. It's up to us to be strong, even tho there will always be evil in this world. I'm counting on you and your generation to carry the sword of Truth and shed its light when the darkness comes to call. Never give up. Never give in… love, tman<3


  4. Señor DJ, sir – a music blog… awesome idea and a great start, too. Very thoughtful. Looking forward to more. I'll be the guy with the really southern accent standing over here shivering – 'cause it's freezing on the 45th parallel. And yes I had to look up how to spell parallel. 🙂 – jeff


  5. Hello David
    Last Friday evening, UK time, when I walked into a pub close to where I work and saw the early reports of what had happened at Sandy Hook on the BBC News channel, I was devastated. Like you, heartbreak and disbelief at how something so appalling could have happened were uppermost.
    This Friday morning (just!), I've arrived back at my accommodation to good news. I'm really pleased you've found a way back into Blogland that is so 'you'. I haven't listened to the music you've posted yet, because it's nearly bedtime, but I certainly will. Most of all, I look forward to hearing your own music again. Thank you for inviting me to share it with you.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  6. Hi there, D_

    Greetings from the 52nd parallel to the 45th! Thanks for inviting me to join you here.

    I've listened to all the tracks you've posted so far – it's an interesting and very diverse selection. I will try to respond to each of them. I think our tastes in music are somewhat different, so I may well say that a certain track didn't appeal to me, but I will try to take each one on its merits.

    This track is not one that I would normally go out of my way to listen to, but it's quietly joyful – recalling the innocence and excitement of young children. Exactly why it was chosen for that dedication, of course.

    On that subject, I'll respond to something Richard said as well. I don't think the gunman was scared of the people he shot: I think he had just reached a dark place in his head, where they weren't people any longer, only objects, targets for his bullets. This seems to be when the worst things happen, when people are treated as objects to be used for others' purposes.

    Take care



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