I love the music Phil Elverum makes.  It has atmosphere and depth and is really beautiful.  I get lost in his music.  This one is faster and louder than a lot of his other music.  When this one comes up on my shuffle, I usually play it several times in a row before I move on.

Mount Eerie – House Shape


6 responses to “Buzzzzz

  1. That was cool. Great chord structure. I like the choice of instruments and the parts each one played. They all had a different voicing but together made up the entire chord. Smooth, bro. – jeff


  2. Okay i am a music moron i think. I guess this is ok but it seems like he just keeps doing the same thing over and over again. It just not something i would listen too. Sorry DJ, you know a lot more about music then i do. I asked mom why i can't sing and why some music sounds weird to me. I was informed that she thinks i sing out of key, i am tone deaf becasue what she hears me listen too and the way i sing it back, well i kind of really mess up a song. She said i always tried but i just don't have a music background of any kind. I do like to listen to music i am just not very good at doing it myself. Just think of a frog in a big box trying to sing, Yep that's me doing that. lol. Later DJ, Richard


  3. Hello David
    I've not come across this artist before, hardly surprising given that most of what I listen to was made before 1990, but it was certainly interesting. Very immersive – I don't partake of 'mind-altering substances', but I can imagine that if I did, this kind of thing would be a suitable accompaniment.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  4. Richard. I don't think there is a music moron. When you listen to a song you like it, or you don't. You listen to it or you don't. I will say that your favorite music (techno) is totally the same thing over and over. It just builds in more parts as it goes along. Sammy. Music is my drug of choice. There is no better high.


  5. Hi there, D_

    This is not really my taste in music, but definitely interesting. I think one of the reasons it doesn't appeal to me is that I find it too repetitive – after about the third repeat in each section, I start wanting some variation: a new part or change in sound of some sort. But that's just me – I guess I'm much more used to a traditional style of music.

    Take care



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