Uncle’s Punk Rock Vault

This one will probably hurt some ears.  I love the old punk rock energy and raw sound.  The guitar is amazing in this one.  Don’t be scared.  Turn it up loud!

Saccharine Trust – A Human Certainty


3 responses to “Uncle’s Punk Rock Vault

  1. Hello David
    Plenty of energy in this one! I have to admit, though, that under my unassuming exterior, there lurks a thrash/grindcore aficionado, into stuff even more extreme than this – Napalm Death, Electro Hippies, Bolt Thrower and, especially, Extreme Noise Terror. All my dark secrets will out, it seems!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. Lots of people my age tend to listen only to the volume. You're right, the guitar here is awesome! I actually think a lot of punk is “thrash rock” because it seems like so many of the groups had little talent except to punish a guitar. This one is different.

    Peace <3


  3. Joe Baiza is an amazing guitarist! I saw Saccharine Trust a few months before this record was released and thought they were terrible. When the record came out, though, I bought it along with the first album by the Minutemen, The Punch Line, because both were on Black Flag's label, SST Records. Both records slayed me from the first listen, and I've been a huge fan of each band ever since.

    Have you listened to the other Saccharine Trust stuff? Each of their four studio records is fairly different, and their third, We Become Snakes, is one of my all-time favorite albums.

    Thanks for leaving the comment on my blog the other day! I'm really touched that you remembered me and reached out. I've wondered often in the past few years how you were doing, and I'm so pleased that your life appears to be good, especially after all the drama in the past! I hope it's OK if I add you to my blogroll. I know mine has been dormant for quite a while, but I'm planning on posting again soon, I hope.


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