I know a kid who lives next to this dudes (Justin Vernon/ Bon Iver) parents.  If I was going to do like I said in the last post, this would make a very nice spot.  So beautiful!

Bon Iver – Holocene


7 responses to “Mellow

  1. I've heard some Bon Iver before, but not this one. I agree, a beautiful place, and a wonderful place to run with the wolves.

    And as beautiful as the place is, the song is amazing.


  2. Hi there, D_

    Beautiful music, and beautiful country – Iceland, apparently. Definitely a good place to escape from people: about the same size as Indiana or Maine, but with a small fraction of the population. I've always wanted to go there.

    If you want to hear some Icelandic music, look out for Sigur Rós – they sound quite a lot like Bon Iver.

    Take care



  3. Absolutel not. As a friend, you're encouraging me to better myself by learning about new technology. But I was never one to break the rules. I don't even drive fast. Plus I'm still not convinced this Internet thingy's gonna take off. 🙂


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