So what was your top album for 2012?  This was probably mine.  I listened to it a ton.  This is my favorite song from it.  For the next week I’ll put up some of my favorites from 2012.

Grizzly Bear – Half Gate

Past the roaring shore
I have nothing left to hear
I’m chasing all the words
But everything you say I only see
But honestly it’s fine
When I mention how I love you
It’s all I do, even as I stray

We have the cold to keep
I’m not sure I still believe
My most is nothing more
Than a place we’ve been before
We’ll draw and drag it on
I’m telling you I’m trying
To hear this out
I want nothing more to doubt
A little bit of shame

Which of yourselves is truly gone?
And checked out so long
Unhinged, unwound
Come help me on
To let lie what’s done
In some great beyond
You’re still there, still as you were

At the end of the line
It is as if there’s no time at all
Nothing left to win
Every pleasure burned to the wick
Content to be alone
A quiet picture drawn each day before it ends
To remind me once again
Why I’m even here

Which of yourselves is truly gone?
And checked out, so long
Unhinged, unwound
Come help me on
To let lie what’s done
In some great beyond
You’re still there, still as you were


7 responses to “Layers

  1. I am not sure I understand what the song is all about, but what captivates me is the producing…the mixture of instruments, vocals, the rhythm, the beat. Totally awesome and now added to my music library.

    Where do you discover this great stuff, D_????

    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    A slow start to this one, but it built into something good. I have to admit I don't catch much new music (except here in the past couple of weeks!), because the radio station I habitually listen to is largely a classic rock station, although they do play a little new stuff. One symptom of that is that I haven't bought a single new album in 2012, so nominating a favourite is pretty much impossible for me. I hope to be able to continue to have my horizons broadened by your good self, though!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Hi there, D_

    As Sammy said, a slow start, which doesn't really hint at what's coming, but I like it a lot. With most tracks, I don't listen to pick out the lyrics and try to understand them: the vocals are simply part of the music, one “instrument” among others.

    As for my favourite album, I don't tend to think in terms of albums – I hear individual tracks and like them (or not). Even when I identify all the tracks on an album, I usually find I like some and not others. But in case you haven't found them already, here are some artists and tracks that I first found in 2012 (all links are to YouTube):
    – Bastille: Get Home, Laura Palmer, Sleepsong. Note that there are several other artists/groups with the same name but rather different music.
    – Hooray For Earth: Sails, True Loves (I really like this video)
    – Jake Bugg: Lightning Bolt, Someone Told Me, Trouble Town
    – Lord Huron, from their album Lonesome Dreams: Ends of the Earth, Lonesome Dreams, The Ghost on the Shore, Lullaby
    – The Invisible: Surrender (possibly another one in the “weird” category)

    I hope you don't mind me posting so many tracks – it's difficult for me to give a fair impression of my favourites otherwise.

    Take care



  4. Richard showed me a video by Grizzly Bear a few weeks ago. I'm still not decided how I feel about them, but they are interesting.

    As for 2012 albums:

    P.O.S. – We Don't Even Live Here

    Lamb Of God – Resolution

    NOFX – Self Entitled

    It wasn't released in 2012, but I discovered Crankshaft this year, so he's still at the top.

    There might be some more, I can't remember. I've gotten a lot of new music this year, but most was only new to me, not the world.




  5. I like Joe Bonamassa's “Dust Bowl” album, although I think it's from 2011:

    Joe uses a tremelo effect here, very similar to your Noosa Heads song.




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