UK Weird…

…but I love it.

alt – j (∆) – Breezeblocks


9 responses to “UK Weird…

  1. Hello David
    Hmmmm….not sure about this one, especially not the video. Not quite my thing, I don't think. But that, of course, is the part of experience of music – one person's awesome is another's unlistenable. Some of the comments I've heard after playing Extreme Noise Terror to people are testament to that!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. I will have to be honest and say I couldn't make it all the way through this one. Your title is correct, only add a “very” right before the “weird”.
    But hey, I'll never learn about new music if I don't at least try it, so keep up the posts!

    Peace <3


  3. Effective, but disturbing… Seems to me that the guy is some kind of serial abuser/killer. IDK. I could listen to the music again, but the visuals read more like a horror movie that leaves my heart pounding, and not in a good way:/ tman<3


  4. Ahha. I didn't even watch the video. I just took the first YouTube I found for the song. Yeah disturbing. I think the music for this cd is very good and the voice is like no other. Sorry if the video bugged everyone.


  5. Hi there, D_

    I read the comments first, so I decided not to watch the video while it was playing.

    I definitely like the track: there's something about the drum rhythm and harmonised voices that gets to me. I've heard other Alt-J tracks on the radio over the last few months, but I think I prefer this one.

    I have a feeling that the UK produces more than its fair share of “weird” interesting music – perhaps because we have a lot of people close together on a small island, so it's easier to get a viable audience for almost any sort of music. Having some of our main national TV and radio channels as public service broadcasters probably helps too.

    Take care



  6. I like Fitzpleasure better, but Alt J are an amazingly captivating, weird band (that's a really weird video too).

    As for the video, I think it's the guy comes home to hear the girl in the closet, and then is attacked by the other girl. They struggle, then he kills her. I think he was the innocent one. But hey, who the fuck knows. Psycho Brits.




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