I know someone who is a fan of this band and I think he’s been sad and not doing to good.  Maybe this will cheer him up.

Moody Blues – Tuesday Afternoon


6 responses to “Hunch

  1. Hello David
    A first for your new venture – a track I've heard before! I can't say the Moody Blues are my favourite band, but I do like some of their stuff, Nights in White Satin in particular. This song is OK, easy listening kind of stuff. Not quite my thing, but pleasant enough.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. Hi there, D_

    Thanks for posting this – I like it a lot. The name of the group was familiar, but I couldn't remember any of their tracks 😦 Nevertheless, something about the track sounded familiar, especially the “colour” of the lead vocalist's voice. Then I saw Sammy's comment, and could have kicked myself – I've known Nights in White Satin for well over thirty years!

    Take care



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