Tell Me You’ll Dance with Me

Growing up the one band I heard most was U2.  Moms car.  Dads car.  In the house.  Everywhere.  I remember listening to my dads U2 records being super careful not to scratch them.  U2 was seriously like a part of my family.  They will always be a favorite of mine and the beginning of my interest in music.  I still think The Edge is a highly underrated and creative guitar player.  I prefer the earlier music they made, but I will still get everything they release.  It was more raw and honest and I don’t know, it just made me feel a certain way.  Two summers ago I got to see them in concert because my uncle broke up with his girlfriend a few days before the show and he knew I would really like to see them.  It was at a outdoor stadium at the U of M and it was a night I will never forget.  We had a massive thunderstorm and rain was just pouring down, but they marched on and played for 2.5 hours.  It seemed to bring the crowd and band together somehow.  No one left and even though we were all soaked to the bone, people were having a lot of fun.  This is a picture of the giant stage thing they had that night.  Also this is one of my favorite songs by them.

U2 – Promenade


10 responses to “Tell Me You’ll Dance with Me

  1. I must say, you have had some concert experiences that rival mine! And I must agree that this is one of my favored songs by U2. The “mainstream” and “hit” stuff is so “mainstream” and so many lose the better things they did like this. This is so touching. Higher ground. So cool.
    Peace <3


  2. AHH! You went to that concert?! I am way too jealous right now. I've always liked U2's older stuff, but couldn't make it happen to go to the show. Hearing about how it was, the energy all around, made me even more sad. But I am very happy that you got to go.

    Good song




  3. One of the saddest days of my life was when my younger cousin, around 15, asked me what a record was when I was talking about my jukebox. I just kind of stared at them. And they were like, 'what?', like it wasn't a big deal. A little piece of me died that day. And some of my hope for today's generation.

    But D is bringing that hope back! Long live the vinyl!


  4. Hello David
    We're definitely on the same wavelength here! I love U2, they're probably the only big, internationally known band that I've followed almost from their first release, certainly from their first release in the UK (they'd previously had a couple of singles which were only released in Ireland, and which I managed to add to my collection later). I first came across them, on, of all the unlikely places, a children's TV programme in 1980, playing I Will Follow, a song I fell in love with on first hearing, and which is still one of my favourite tracks of theirs, even now. I agree with what you say about the early stuff being preferable – Boy remains my no.1 album of theirs – although they still come up with comparable stuff every now and again – Vertigo definitely has a lot of the feel of their early days, for me. The track you've posted, Promenade, is in my 'top ten' U2 tracks, along with two others on The Unforgettable Fire, Wire, and most of all, Bad, which is without doubt my favourite record of all time, by anyone. I don't know if you've ever seen the version of Bad that they performed at Live Aid, but it really was an stunning piece of work. I only saw that, at work, on a very small portable black and white TV, but I have seen U2 live four times, the first time on the War tour in 1983, the last in Manchester in 2005, and each time I've seen them, they've been outstandingly good. The second time I saw them, in 1984 at Brixton Academy in London, is close to being the best gig I've ever been to, perhaps only beaten by The Wall and, for reasons far too convoluted to explain, the B52's in London in the mid-1980's. And, just as a final point, before I get completely carried away into fandom, I agree that The Edge is a great, and very distinctive, guitarist, one of those artists that you can tell straight away who's playing, almost from the first note. Thanks very much for posting this.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  5. Well, I liked this one but… I gotta be honest, I like the pop/mainstream stuff, too. Actually, I like it a lot. There… I said it… I feel so dirty.
    – jeff


  6. Don't feel bad…I like 99% of U2 also. Sammy I watched the live aid video. Amazing!

    I rock a U2 shirt at school and most of the kids say who is that? Sad huh.


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