All Ye’ Sinners

Sixteen Horsepower – Low Estate


3 responses to “All Ye’ Sinners

  1. Ooh, that's creepy. The atmosphere this song creates is amazing. I can't stop listening to it. Another band I had not heard of before. Thanks for this. I love me some accordion.




  2. Hello David
    Very unusual and interesting. I wouldn't begin to be able to guess which genre to place it in – maybe it needs a genre all of its own. There were, for me, hints of Kurt Weill, and even Tibetan Buddhist chant mixed in there somewhere. About as far from the mainstream as anything I've heard for a good while.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. WEIRD!!! But oddly enough, I liked it. I expect to hear this in a haunted house somewhere. Sort of a much eerier House of the Rising Sun by the Animals…

    I think Sammy is right – a new genre is born (or maybe died!).

    Peace <3


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