Ugly Truth

If drugs had a sound, this is it.

Mark Lanegan – Skeletal History


7 responses to “Ugly Truth

  1. Oh God, please don't ever do drugs!!!
    Your description is 100% correct. Holy shit D_!!!!
    If I ever catch you doing…yeah, you know…well, the results won't be publishable.
    Sometimes I wonder how you got this wise. Hmmmmm……..
    Though it isn't bad music. Just f'ed up.
    Peace <3


  2. Chill out Jay! This guy mark lanegan is one of my favorites. He is a heroin addict. He sings about that a lot. This one is about frig addiction if you find the lyrics. His songs are full of atmosphere and emotion. Me likes that.


  3. Hello David
    Downers rather than uppers, presumably. Very intense, quite hard to listen to, but definitely worth listening to. 'Jagged' was the word that kept going through my head.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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