Alright you bunch of wimps.  I don’t want to hear none of you bitch about how hard your winter is (except Kevin)  Yesterday the high temp was -7 but with the windchill it felt like -35.  Have any of you ever felt -35?  It sucks bad!  It hurts to breathe because you can feel your lungs freeze.

Anyway this is maybe my favorite band from Minneapolis.  I’m there if they ever play an all age show.  The video has some shots of downtown in it too.

Howler – Back of Your Neck


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  1. Cool – The visuals are quite “Portlandia”; although, on this side of the Continental Divide along the Columbia River, the coldest it got this winter was 20 degrees [“balmy”, as they say].

    Are you REALLY close to the “45th Parallel”? Because from where I'm floating, the 45th Parallel is about 40 miles SOUTH of where I am {here at 45.76917 degrees North Latitude). OMG, the “Twin Cities” are 44.94 degrees North Latitude; and it's 7 degrees there, while it's 34 degrees here as I write this now. Amazing !!! Must be that “warm tropical” Alaskan Maritime Airmass 😛

    You ARE REALLY close to the 45th Parallel. Weird, because I have to drive almost up to Seattle [150 miles north] to hook up with I-94 [via I-90].


  2. Hello David
    This one, to me, had a kind of 'retro', sixties kind of feel to it, and I'm afraid I didn't really connect to it that much. Nice to see some views of your home town, though.
    I certainly don't envy you your winter – I'm struggling badly enough with the just below freezing temperatures and couple of inches of snow we've had here for the last few days. As I said in my blog the other day, if I ever complain about our usual rain again, just shoot me!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. YAY! I get to complain! Haha. I so can't wait for it to warm the hell up. When I opened the door yesterday, I started coughing because it was so cold, and then my lungs were burning. Oh well, welcome to Minnesota!

    I like this song, and I really like the video. I like homages to me home town. They seem like they put on a pretty good live show, too.

    Stay warm!!




  4. I would NEVER whine about our cheesy “cold” weather here. Wow, it was +13F this morning. BFD. I have been in -20F air temp (couldn't calculate the wind chill, too fucking cold) so yeah, I know exactly how that is. But you Norse guys got thick blood or something and are equipped to deal with it, while us Irish lads just suffer. HAHAHAHAHA I love the cold, it's OK, but not when it gets to killing levels.

    Love the song, very cool.
    Peace <3


  5. @FOGGY..don't forget that Minneapolis is up there with no warm Pacific currents, and a jet stream that spends a lot of time swooping down into the Lower 48. The winds and cold that treat DJ to -35 wind chill cause all the lake effect snow that smothers the cities on the other side of the Great Lakes.


  6. Ok, so I won't even try to jump into the chat about the cold because it was nearly 70 here today and that would be like Oprah giving dieting advice. Since we don't get snow, can I gripe about that? No…? Whatever… Anyway, cool song.
    – jeff


  7. Hi there, D_

    I don't think I've ever experienced -7F, let alone -35F, and I don't think I want to. It probably says enough that my “Made in England” thermometer doesn't go below +20F / -7C! All I have to do at the moment is avoid breaking my neck on slippery ice, but it should melt soon.

    The band are pleasant to listen to (though not quite my thing, I think) and also quite nice to look at 🙂
    It's also interesting to see a little of your city – I don't think Cambridge has ever featured in a music video.

    Take care



  8. I have been in -23 before but here it is a dry cold. Not like the humid cold you got DJ. So i bet our -23 is maybe like your 10 above maybe. Somewhere around there. But it does still like make you cough a lot because it dries out your lungs really hard. You can't stay out in it a lot becasue it does hurt to breath still, but the cold don't penetrate your cloths like the wet cold does. I been listening to a lot the songs on here. There some i really like, some i like some, and some that isn't my type of music. So where is all the techno at on here? Jeremy.


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