Loss for Words

Imma let this one speak for itself.

 Bhi Bhiman – Guttersnipe (Live on 89.3 The Current)  


7 responses to “Loss for Words

  1. Maybe I should have said more so here it goes. I heard this performance live on the radio and it happened at a time when it perfectly described what I felt like. It hit me hard. It is so powerful and Bhi is fucking amazing. I'm past that worst part I truly believe. This song holds a place in my mind and memories when I felt stuck, but I move forward. I also recommend finding the album version of this song with the full instruments. This one is just a little more special to me.


  2. I was not expecting that voice to come from him. Very passionate and soulful. Very good. I like his glasses.

    I'm going to go look up the album version.

    It's good to have reminders like this. You never want to forget your history, no matter how bad it may be. That is the only way to prevent it from happening again.




  3. D_

    It didn't take me long to work out that this is a very personal song for you. I'm saddened and frustrated that you, or anyone, has to go through this. I hope you have found “some good friends, some folks to really help [you] though”.

    Take care



  4. Hello David
    As the others have said, I can totally see how poignant and apposite this would be for you. I really hope, very much, that you're 'well on your way to feeling fine' – because that's exactly what you deserve.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  5. “Twenty First Century Blues”

    The very bottom in the pits of the human condition are evident in the lyrics. Along with the hope that, someday, “I'll be feeling fine”. Yet, when one has to “steal” his food – it tells me that we, as a nation…. nay…. a planet have been “mind captured” to the concept that money is the very life blood of Man. That “to steal” food because you have no money is a crime, and not to be a criminal means to starve yourself and die. Ain't no way to live. Ain't no way to live.

    There is a whole whale of truth to this song, beautifully sung buy this young man who has probably lived those words he sings – SAD !!!!

    ….. But, that what the Blues are for. To “let it out”. To communicate. It is the element that unites us – bonds us – and gives us the power to pull ourselves up, in spite of the “authority” that represses us – puts us down, and keeps us “in our place”.

    Too much Moscato, Deeg. Toooo muuuchh Moscato 😛

    …………. “FOGGY” ❤


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