One of my favorite bands.  I’ve liked everything they have ever released.

Deftones – Leathers


4 responses to “Another

  1. Oh hell yeah! Now we're talking. Big Deftones fan. If you have't seen them in concert, you need to. Great energy on stage. It was one of my favorites.

    Haven't heard this song, or any of the new album other than the one on the radio. I need to check it out.




  2. Throbbing, energetic, powerful. I'd heard of the Deftones, but not listened to much of their music. This got my blood flowing early on a Sunday morning!

    Peace <3


  3. Cool production. I'm gonna check out their album. I've been buying a lotta music bcuz of you, dang it!!! Are you getting a cut from these bands? 🙂 – jeff


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