Uncomfortable Peace

It’s an old room in an old house. At the top with a peak in the middle. You can’t even really stand up all the way. It’s hot up here and the carpet and desk are very old but very clean. I look out of a small window. It’s the window that in a horror movie you always see the trapped person pounding on trying to escape. In this old room I do not feel alone even though I am if you know what I mean. It’s like a hundred years of memories and some of them never left. I’m at this desk watching gigantic snowflakes slowly fall from out of a pitch black sky. A fluffy white blanket covering everything below. Just me and a mug of hot mocha and these quiet ghosts. I could find no better album that Without Sinking by Hilder Gudnadottir. This one is called Ascent.


6 responses to “Uncomfortable Peace

  1. But you are safe. Warm. Taken care of. “In this old room I do not feel alone…” I think says it all. There is a big difference between “alone” and “lonely”. Think about it. I pray your ghosts only haunt you at times like this, the serene times, the times that no horror movie villain is banging on your window. a beautiful piece that I am certain fits your mood right now. Sleep well, my friend.

    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    Very beautiful, rich and atmospheric, redolent of your 'quiet ghosts'. I'd be interested to hear what it would sound like transcribed for an instrument with a very plaintive sound, like a cor anglais – it could be even better.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Holy shit guys! I was trying for atmosphere to set up the song. I was literally in the attick just like it said. I go there sometimes. I like it but I do think its haunted. I am fine and I do enjoy alone sometimes. Guess my atmosphere worked eh?

    WA nice sounds.

    Coming soon. New post.


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