The Chordettes – Lollipop


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  1. Hello David
    Hmmmm…..I didn't go for this kind of stuff when I heard it on the radio station that my mum and dad listened to when I was a young kid. I haven't changed my mind. But if you like it, that's all good, of course.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. I thought the exact thing as Lightning Baltimore…Stand by Me is one of my favorite movies (the book is better).

    So yeah, I do like this song. It's a great oldie. That's a great video of them. Wonder what TV show that was from?

    Peace <3


  3. KEWL !!!

    By the way, the handsome gent in the video is Andy Williams (one of my Mom's favorite singers.)

    My Army unit, The US Army Fife and Drum Corps, marched in the Tournament Of Roses Parade in '76, and Williams was the MC.

    We did a taped performance with Andy Williams, but I'll be danged if I can remember was it was…lol!

    Prolly some patriotic stuff.



  4. ummmmm ….. I forgot 😛

    What I think I was thinking was – what were you thinking (?).
    God, I remember that song when I was around 9 or 10 – back in the mid '50's. It was very popular then, and “Salty” Brine would play it every morning on the radio (WJAR in Providence, R.I.) as I was getting ready for school. I liked the “popping” sound.

    If you REALLY like this song, then my guesstimation as to why it was posted was wrong { psst: —– i think you did it to appease Sammy, but he didn't “bite”).

    I enjoy listening to the music you post here. It comes from all four corners of the music genre. I remembered your version of “Wake up my Airplane” (that was my version of the title). Most young folk today would consider the Fifth Dimension “old fashioned” – if they even know what the Fifth Dimension WAS 😛

    ….. and the weird thing is, there's about a gazillion years of age difference between us. Which proves a point that sometimes a large age difference can bring people together, especially when the “in” thing of “yesterday” and “today” are enjoyed on both ends of the “age” spectrum :))

    “Bravo Zulu” ………. “FOGGY”


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