No Sleep Find

Last night was one of those nights I just couldn’t get to sleep so I tried watching tv because that always puts me to sleep.  Some movie called Pirate Radio came on and I wasn’t really into it but the music was very good.  I shazamed this song because it’s a very cool song.

The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind


8 responses to “No Sleep Find

  1. Haha, last night while I was flipping through the tv after work, I came across that movie. Never heard of it, and it didn't hold my attention long. But it was a nice thing to just zone out to. And there was some good music. This is a catchy tune.

    It's funny, my 'weekend' starts on Mondays now, so I've always been a fan of this song:

    Hopefully you can sleep tonight.




  2. Well, this gets mo and mo interesting…

    *Another* Aussie song…(band made up of immigrants)

    Turns out the lead singer is one Stevie Wright…

    …who had a punk(?) hit in '75 with “Black Eyed Bruiser”:

    Which in turn gave rise to a cover by Aussie band Rose Tatoo:

    Also, I found anecdotal evidence that Sir Paul regarded “Friday On My Mind” as one of his favorite singles (of the time.)

    The whole Easybeats and Stevie Wright stories are very interesting reading.

    Cheers and give me another Fosters…




  3. Hello David
    Not owing anything to The Beatles, of course! I remember a rather 'punkier' version of this by a short-lived band called London, who were probably best known for having Jon Moss, who went on to form Culture Club with Boy George, as a member. Given the AC/DC connection, too, it seems like a song with an extensive 'family tree'.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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