Back in Action!

Somebody suggested I post my favorite Rolling Stones song for this post.  I will not lie, I am not a huge fan of the Stones OMG!!!!  They are cool, just not a favorite of mine.  The first song that I thought of was one from some gangster movie I saw.  It’s a cool song, but there are probably ones I’ve never heard that I would maybe like more.  Some day I will find out.

The Rolling Stones – Can’t You Hear me Knocking


13 responses to “Back in Action!

  1. Yay! You're back!

    I'm not a big Stones fan either. They fall under the same category as the Beatles; I respect what they did, and they have great talent, but it's just not my thing. Great musicians though.

    I always think of the movie 'Blow' when I hear this song. Great movie.

    Glad you're back




  2. Glad you are back, DJ!

    I'm not a huge Stones fan either, but this song is very good…and Keith Richards is a heck of a guitarist.

    This lead me to an observation. The Stones are basically a blues band (like much of the British Invasion.)

    And I notice that you don't seem to be into blues-based music that much (by your own admission you lean towards punk.) And maybe *you* have noticed that a lot of us older dudes *are* into blues.

    You have developed much of your musical tastes from listening to what you parents and uncle listened to, I believe.

    And in my mind, your generation has not really had real genre benders like Elvis and rock n' roll, the Beatles and the rest of the British Invasion, etc. Music and music marketing are a *lot* different than they were 50 years ago.

    I don't think blues are as popular with your generation as they are with mine.

    Or maybe I am just full of crap, as usual…lol. Please let me know if you disagree.

    Well, anyway, maybe this could be fodder for a good music discussion.

    Speaking of blues, a friend of mine recently turned me on to a band called Indigenous.

    They are Native Americans, and all relatives, I think.

    The lead singer/guitarist, Mato Nanji, draws comparisons to SRV, which I can see.

    Here is a YouTube of one of their older songs:

    Not a lot of UTUBE to be found of them, but I picked up 3 of their CDs and I think they really rock.

    Would love to hear feedback from others.

    And thanks for the Stones tune!




  3. I happen to love the Rolling Stones and made the suggestion. I am happy to see you picked something that is perhaps “less known” than some of their more obvious stuff.

    I've been reading Keith Richards autobiography (it's a bit of a slog, he's a better musician than an author), but it is interesting to see how the band developed, and became the superstars of their time that they were. And for sure, they are NOTHING like the Beatles, who I also love!

    I got to see the Rolling Stones in concert a few years ago, and even though I was in the cheap seats up in the ozone, they could still rock a football stadium and bring down the house!

    Peace <3


  4. There is this restaurant by where I live called Famous Dave's and they have live blues music in there at night. I have gone there to eat and watched some of the bands play. Seems like party music and people dance and drink and have fun. It's good energy and fun music, but it's not my thing. I prefer depressing atmospheric punk rock lol.


  5. Hello David
    I'm with you on this – I'm not really a Stones fan, or, indeed, a blues fan, even though I'm one of the 'old' contingent, but there are certain tracks that I can get along with (Sympathy for the Devil is one I particularly like). Music is such a personal thing, though, that not only are differences of taste, and of opinion, inevitable, but positively beneficial, driving not only discussion, but creativity, as I see it.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  6. You are exactly correct, Sammy B. I don't have to like every song out there to appreciate most of them! And being exposed to others' tastes have definitely extended my musical knowledge and enjoyment. Some of David's posts have opened new doors, so I've gone out and gotten more of the music!


  7. Andy, I seem to recall my dad having an Indigenous cd back in the day. I don't remember much of it, but I like the video you posted. I'll have to see if I can dig up that cd somewhere…

    D, that Famous Dave's is awesome for music. I usually go there for the music, and eat food as a byproduct. Lots of good local (and not so local) bands play on that stage, including my buddy Crankshaft (don't worry, I'm not gonna go off on a tangent about him). It's interesting to me how you classified those kinds of music. Granted, there are many songs in each genre as you described, but I usually think of them the other way around. To me, Blues is the more dark, depressed, why is life shitting on me kind of thing. And punk is, maybe not so much upbeat lyrically, but musically. If I want to get pumped up, I'll go for punk. But if I'm more sorrowful, then Blues, or something else all together.

    I'm not trying to convert you or anything, I'm just saying don't give up on it. Some of the greatest guitar players are bluesmen.

    Ok, I'll shut up now!




  8. Ok. First of all there's nothing like getting up and ready for school on a day off…I'm not getting back to sleep now so I think I will go out for breakfast.

    I did some “blues” homework this weekend. The bands I saw were playing songs about like eating sloppy joes and lets drink whiskey and stuff like that. I never saw one guy with a guitar singing about no money and no love and that kind of blues.

    The punk rock I listen to is high energy and pissed off lol. The sad atmosphere music I listen to (radiohead, pines) is not really punk rock. More like alternative or indie or a million other names people have given it. I am a happy person, but life is a serious thing. I would rather watch a drama than a comedy. I like a band that will sing about life and real emissions. I admire it and I can say yes I know how you feel and what you are talking about.


  9. I thought for sure you were referring to wet dreams ;-).

    Some if us don't get the day off even though we work for the school system. Hope you have a good breakfast.

    I like your philosophy, David. Life is a serious thing, but you can't take it too seriously or you'll wind up f'ed in the head, at least IMHO.

    Enjoy your day off. Looking forward to today's post.

    Peace <3


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