On the Topic of…

…the Beatles.  I am a fan.  Not a super-fan, but I do prefer them to the Stones.  It is hard to pick a favorite, because I have many I like from Peppers, White Album, Revolver, ect…The one album I listen to most often (lately) is Abbey Road, and this song I never get tired of.

The Beatles – Something


15 responses to “On the Topic of…

  1. I LOVE this song!!! One of my favourites. I found myself sitting back and just being enveloped in this song. Air guitar.

    You don't need to be a “super-fan” to appreciate the musicality, the showmanship, yeah, you got it.

    Peace <3


  2. Ok, ok. I didn't mean that I was comparing The Stones and The Beatles musically. Just that they're both great musicians, pioneering individuals, and they changed the world of music, but I'm not a fan of the music. I appreciate what they both did for music, and I know that almost all the bands I listen to wouldn't be around if it weren't for them, but it's not my cup of tea. So please, don't hang me for comparing the two. I'm sorry! 😛

    All that said, this is a catchy tune. It was really relaxing to have going in the background.




  3. Hello David
    I'm probably going to spark a bit of controversy here – not only am I not a Beatles fan, but I also think that they're the most overrated band in the history of pop/rock music. I'm not saying that everything they did was worthless, but I just don't think that they warrant the quasi-religious fervour they seem to attract. Apart, possibly, from George Harrison, I don't think that they were particularly gifted musicians, and while much is made of Lennon and McCartney's songwriting talents, I don't think most of their stuff is that exceptional. Just my opinion, of course, and not one that would be shared by many, but all I can do is speak as I find, from my perspective.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  4. Well I never! HAHAHA
    Just the thought of dissing THE BEATLES!!! leaves me speechless. 😉

    What I've never understood is the outright fanaticism shown to any band. I mean, yeah they're talented, yeah they are good looking (in a 60's kind of way), and all that, but to get your panties all bound up over any particular person/band is ridiculous! As to the Beatles, it's much like most bands with me. Some of what they do is fantastic, some of it is pure crap. I don't think there is any performer out there that I would go gaga over like people did with the Beatles, or today with clowns like Justin Bieber. An awful lot if the response us due to brilliant marketing. Hire Bieber's marketing folks for say, Sammy and me and viola! Tomorrow we could be SammyJay and hopefully have good looking guys falling all over themselves trying to get to us!

    So don't worry, Sammy, you won't be castigated here for not bowing to the royalty of rock 'n roll! Even though you are a Brit. Hahahaha



  5. Damn DJ, WAY cool blog, bro!! I wish I had the time right now to read the whole thing and to listen to the music you posted, but I will soon enough.

    I did read your last post though, and I can't figure out if you do or don't like the blues? The real blues though, not happy blues lol.



  6. Hi Paul! Welcome to my blog. I guess I'm not a big blues fan, but I have not heard a lot of it. I'm sure I would like some though. Thanks for checking this blog out!


  7. What's erp. This is Kyle I don't like this one. What's your favorit kind of music do you like dub step and trance? I do and metal core and stuff like that. You're awesome btw. 🙂 octofist, Kyle 😛


  8. Hey Kyle! I like some dubstep (Big Chocolate, Datsik, Bassnectar) and some trance-like stuff yeah. Dark Ambient music. Not really the dance electronics though. Metalcore yeah it's good but I don't know a lot of bands. I like a lot of what is on my blog I guess. I'm always looking for new stuff too. Thanks for writing and U R COOL as well \m/


  9. that's cool. Do u like to play video games such as Skate3 Call Of Duty n Rockband3? Do u like zombies 🙂 and i was wondering if u have a ps3 if so do u have a online account n if u do would u like to play together online someday?
    -Kyle \\ P.L.U.R


  10. Ughhh…I suck bad at video games lol. I have an Xbox somewhere that has not been used for a while. I do have skate2 though. My roommate Dominic is a HALO freak. Zombies kick major booty! What are some of your favorite metal core bands? It's time we make this blog scare some old dudes!!!!


  11. Oh ok 🙂 n a few of my fav metal core bands r Asking Alexandria,Issues,Atryeu,Motionless In White,Bullet For My Valentine,The Devil Wears Prada,Bless The Fall,n I could go on n on but yea haha
    -Kyle // P.L.U.R


  12. Saw this comment in my travels, and wanted to add it here:

    This is true of the Beatles in general. I hear some kids today say (GOD am I that old?) the Beatles weren’t that great/overrated. it’s all context.

    It sounds pedestrian to you because almost everything you hear today CAME FROM THE BEATLES. They made this. They took the style of music at the time, did it better than anyone else, then added new ideas to it, then took it someplace no one had ever been before and basically invented modern popular music.

    It’s the same reason someone might overlook Citizen Kane or cooked food.




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