Shout Out!

This one hits pretty hard.  Be careful…

Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode


7 responses to “Shout Out!

  1. I like a lot of different kinds of metal, but I never really got into metalcore/screamo/whateveryouwanttocalitcore music. Some of it's not bad, but just not really my thing. But it is nice to seem something from the heavier side show up.




  2. Hello David
    Loved it! Very powerful stuff – if this is metalcore, bring it on! (I notice from Wikipedia that Asking Alexandria are Brits, too, although they're new to me.)

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Hey, you're scaring us old guys!!!

    They get *paid* to do this??? !!!

    If you take away the instruments, it sounds like me yelling at my basketball team…or a Sam Kinison routine.




  4. His royal highness is gonna be stoked to see this. AA's one of his favs. For me, it wasn't until the keys came in that I got on board. It added a cool facet to the production. Don't get me wrong, tho… It ain't no “Vampires, Vampires, Vampires” 😛 – jeff


  5. Wow. You said to be careful. Just. Wow. The last time I listened to anything like this was in an abandoned warehouse in Fredericksburg, VA while visiting a friend of a friend who wanted to show us his social scene. It was about 110 degrees F, they were LOUD beyond belief, and all Mase and I wanted to do was get the f* outta there! Complete unintelligibility seems to be the hallmark of metalcore. Thanks, this was enough, even if “trouser boy” got off on it. With all those vibrations, all you'd have to do is sit on the speakers!
    Peace <3


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