Participation Required

After the Russian meteor thing from a few weeks ago I had this pop into my head.

If you knew (and only you) that a huge meteor or something was going to crash into the Earth and cause really serious problems all around the world.  Maybe even destroy everything…Would you tell anyone?  Why would you tell or why wouldn’t you tell?

This song is about a zombie apocalypse!  I love the Misfits!

The Misfits – Astro Zombies


8 responses to “Participation Required

  1. Hello David
    The song took me back – it was like being in my form room at school in about 1977 listening to early Clash on my friend's beaten up old record player. Very nostalgic!
    Your question is an interesting one. I think, for me, there might be two answers, depending on whether anything could be done to avert or mitigate the consequences. If there was anything significant that could be done, then I would tell the world, but if nothing could be done, I'd be inclined to say nothing, because I would imagine that the panic, and, knowing human nature, anarchic violence and plunder that would almost certainly ensue would cause unnecessary additional suffering to countless people who were probably going to die anyway.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. It would really depend on the situation. Knowing the way humans react, if there wasn't time for realistic precautions to be taken, telling people might end up causing general panic and, as a result, a worse outcome for humanity.

    Great song selection! “Astro Zombies” and “Hybrid Moments” are my two favorite Misfits songs!


  3. If the world will end, it will happen regardless if you tell or not. I think it would just be mean to make people spend their last days on earth being scared and stressed out. Instead, i would tell my friends and family that I won the lottery and they can all quit their jobs, and we'd have a huge party lol.

    Hmm, that actually sounds like fun…bring on the meteor. Ha


  4. Ah, The Misfits! Good stuff. As to whether or not I'd tell…probably not. There are so many idiots out there predicting the end of the world, and no one believes them, that I don't want to join the Chicken Little crowd. I'd party my ass off, spend my last dollar on fun, and to heck with the rest!
    Peace <3


  5. That's a very good question. I think I'd go along the lines of Sammy. If there was something to be done (Think the movie Armageddon)then I'd tell. But if there was no hope, why scare everyone? Spend the last few hours with friends and family and have a good time. Go out on a high note.

    Great song. I like the original Misfits, and the Michale Graves Misfits. But it's hard to call them the same band. I don't even know what they're doing now. Jerry Only seems to be riding on the bands name. No way is it the Misfits though.

    What about you? What would you do?




  6. Last summer one of the guys I used to jam with played a bunch of punk rock. He would play these Minor Threat songs and it was crazy how much people would crowd around him and sing along and man he would bank. I wanted to play some punk rock too so I learned Hybrid Moments.


  7. Well like the rest of the comments here, I would not tell everyone about it. Even if I was 100% positive it was going to happen. I think it would create total chaos and any way, why not let everybody not worry about the end of the world. Maybe I would dig real deep and live underground until shit got normal. Then I would come up and see what's up.


  8. I would go to Paul's party!

    Your idea of digging deep sound sort of like an old Twilight Zone episode.

    This dude would lock himself in a bank vault everyday at lunchtime, and read books.

    Then one day the world blew up while he has in there. When he came out he was really happy about everything being destroyed, since he could now read all he wanted to without people bothering him.

    It was cool, until he stepped on his glasses by accident, then couldn't see shit.

    Now, I must learn me some Minor Threat songs.




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