Adele – Set Fire to the Rain


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  1. If you're going to pick an Adele song, I appreciate that you picked this one. I LIKE this one. Great minds think alike.

    Peace <3

    ps…what the f* time zone are you in? your posts show Pacific…your everything else says Central…


  2. Dude this is so weird! I got some new recording equipment yesterday, and This is the exact song that Layna and I were working on alllllllllllllllllllllll last night lol. When we were finally done i told her that I was officially burnt out on the song and hoped I never heard it again. I was joking of course, its a cool song i guess. Just funny that you post it the following night.


  3. I really like Adele. I get a little tired of hearing the same song on every single station, but '21' has some really great songs on it. 'Hiding My Heart' is my favorite right now.




  4. Yes, this comment is worthless without an mp3 file, and pictures too…haha!

    I know what you mean about getting burnt out…I have a practice a song about a million times before I feel comfortable recording it…then it still comes out sounding like crap…lol!




  5. Hello David
    Sorry to be the voice of dissent – just for a change! – but it's Radio 2 music (that's the BBC, of course) as far as I'm concerned. Lowest common denominator, and just not my thing. Reality TV show fodder, at best.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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