Open letter to the World

The other night while I was cruising through YouTube I stumbled upon a post called “Fuck America.”  I spent the next three hours watching videos, reading comments and educating myself on how the rest of the world feels about me and my country.  To be honest, I didn’t think it was this bad.  I was told that I am fat and lazy and stupid and uneducated.  I have no culture and I am a homicidal, gun-toting maniac.  I am too wealthy and too religious.  I deserve to die a horrible death along with the rest of the citizenry in this miserable place.

I’m not going to pretend America is a superior place to anywhere else, but I’m also not going to call for the painful death of any people, no matter where they are from.

This whole experience was very eye-opening and sad for me 😦

I wanted to write about it.  Make a song…

First I was going to collect sound-bites from what I saw and record them over music.  Scrap that.  Then I thought I would write one with lyrics.  Not that either.  I finally settled on an instrumental with a story.  It’s a nightmare really, broken into parts:

Part 1:  The March (death is coming)
Part 2:  Hide and Seek (a new fear)
Part 3:  The Attack (chaos and destruction)
Part 4:  Retreat (too late)
Part 5:  Endgame (all is lost)

DJ – Fall of the USA


9 responses to “Open letter to the World

  1. You are an amazing person. I hope things are not as bad as they appear to you. I hope the things you found don’t represent how the majority of the people of the world feel about us. I hope the “silent majority” see us in a more positive light. Still, some of the things you mention do point to problem areas in our society but no society or country is perfect. I guess I still feel that taken as a whole, the USA and its people rank in the upper end of civilized societies. I don’t think we are going to “fall”. I don’t think “all is lost”. I hope you will find some more positive things to trigger your creative efforts. Like someone else said, I would like to see more of your artwork as well as more of your musical creations.


  2. Of course, all that being said, there are countries where your sexuality makes you an object of scorn, and if you show that sexuality in public, you are arrested and thrown in jail, there are countries where women have zero rights and are forced to be 100% subservient to the men in her life – all of them…I could go on and on. Sure, America has its faults, no country is perfect, but I'll bet you could find the same videos posted about just about every other First World countries by people in other countries. An awful lot of that perception is the stupid form of “news reporting” we have, where nothing positive is ever posted, it's always negative. Good stuff is buried and it's never “above the fold”. So people who are jealous of us post things that they see and think that is how everyone here is. I tend to agree with you that America may not be particularly superior in some ways to other countries, but I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather live. Can you? (Also, don't believe everything you see on YouTube, but you're educated enough to know that! And you're certainly not fat and lazy or stupid!)

    Loved the song, it is, as always, now a part of my library.
    Peace <3


  3. Hello David
    Wow! Very powerful music, inspired by what seem to have been some dark thoughts. As with most things, the extremes rarely represent reality, both the 'Great Satan' narrative that some use to portray your country, and the 'manifest destiny', American exceptionalism position some of your countrymen take being equally invalid in my view, the truth being intermediate, as it usually is. I've never visited the US, and don't expect to any time soon, if ever, so what I know is filtered through others' eyes, others' sensibilities. I have my opinions about what is good and what is bad in your country, but those views are purely my own personal interpretation of what I watch and read, and I claim no authority for my views, no expectation that I'm 'right' whereas others are 'wrong'. And, as Jay says, there are plenty of people out there who hate Brits every bit as much as some others hate Americans, and doubtless others who hate pretty much any country you could name and their citizens just as fervently.
    As to your own personal position, I think this type of post proves conclusively that whatever else you might be, stupid and uneducated you most certainly are not.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  4. This was an epiphany for you.

    You will continue to learn about the ongoing history of US imperialism.

    You should also contrast this with the lessons contained in the John Lennon song I sent you.

    This is human history.

    Well done, Grasshopper!




  5. Hi Again,

    I've been thinking about this blog post most of the day…very thought provoking.

    Your music is very cool, as always…

    If and when you study American History, might I suggest that you acquire Howard Zinn's, “A People's History of The United States,” and compare it to whatever text you might be using.

    And take heart…although I think Europeans screwed up America the most, Norwegians had little or nothing to do with it…lol!

    It was mostly British, Spanish, Italians and Dutch, as far as I can tell.




  6. Bro, this is great. I know I say this to you all the time, but I really like the combinations that you use – loops, synth patches, FX and such, both in balance and placement. You are very creative and original, which is sadly uncommon in music. You're awesome, DJ.

    Btw, the US does enormous good in the world that all too often gets “conveniently” overlooked – i.e., the financial aid that we give away as a country and as individuals, the tangible stuff that we give away like clothes and food, the number of our people that get involved physically helping others on so many levels. America is a pretty great place with VERY great people. And you're one of the best, bro. Take care – jeff


  7. Realizing that there are people out there that hate the place you live, and even you for living there, is a hard thing to grasp. I first realized it when I was 11 years old and the World Trade Center towers fell. It was the first time I started to understand that there are people in the world that hate America, and are willing to kill themselves to hurt us. It didn't really make sense, and it still doesn't. I can understand having your own beliefs and feelings, but to kill someone because they have different beliefs is beyond something I can comprehend.

    Great song. I can feel the emotion in it, and the grim tale that it tells. But as Jeff pointed out, there is a lot of good to come from here. Focus on the good, to help change the bad.




  8. “We are not hated because we practice democracy, value freedom, or uphold human rights. We are hated because our government denies these things in Third World countries whose resources are coveted by our multinational corporations. That hatred we have sown has come back to haunt us in the form of terrorism … Instead of sending our sons and daughters around the world to kills Arab so we can have the oil under their sand, we should send them to rebuild their infrastructure, supply clean water, and feed starving children…

    In short, we should do good instead of evil. Who would try to stop us? Who would hate us? Who would want to bomb us? That is he truth the American people need to hear.”

    -Robert M. Bowman


  9. DJ

    I've been on vacation for much of the last two and a half weeks – I'm now catching up with blogs, and I've just found this post. I would very much like to comment, but it will take me a while to sort through my thoughts and say something coherent. I am British, but I have travelled in the US and have quite a few American friends, so I hope my opinions are reasonably balanced. I think that the US is not as bad as it is portrayed by those who hate it, but also not as good as some who love it might believe.

    As for living in a country that is the target of hatred and violence, I don't understand it, but I'm used to it. The UK was the subject of bomb attacks by the IRA from the early 1970s more or less continuously to the 1990s – much of the first thirty years of my life.

    I'll say more soon, I hope.

    Take care



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