St. Pats…A Little Late

Sorry about the late post.  It’s been a weird day.

Thanks for all the comments on my last post too!

This one was a request.

John Lennon – Luck of the Irish


5 responses to “St. Pats…A Little Late

  1. Hey, this is one of Yoko's better efforts!

    “Why the hell are the *English* there anyway?
    As they kill with God on their side…”

    You could substitute *American* in there, and it would describe our recent misthanhropic misadventures in the Middle East.

    Also, remember that fascism is dependent upon cowardice and apathy to exist…so go to a protest! Hell, stage your own protest! Sing protest songs…Hell, *WRITE* protest songs!!!

    Boycott EVERYTHING!!!

    All I am saying is give peace a chance…ya know?

    Ok, I'll get off the soapbox now…but I'm really glad you're thinking about this stuff.

    I'm also very interested in Sammy's opinion of the whole English-Irish thingy.




  2. Hello David
    I'd actually never heard this song before, and it was an interesting follow-on from your previous post in some ways, in that it illustrates that there, as I said in my comment, plenty of people who hate the Brits, too.
    My own opinion, as it's been canvassed, is that I don't think the British should be in Ireland (and by the way, many of the most virulent so-called 'Loyalists' are of Scottish rather than English descent), that all of Ireland should administered in accordance with the wishes of the majority of all of the inhabitants of the island, which would almost certainly be for it to be one, united country. I can't, however, see any way in the foreseeable future for that to be facilitated in a way that would be able to avoid huge amounts of violence. Sadly, the communal faultlines, rooted in religious and ethnic differences, simply run too deep.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. DJ

    I thought I should come to this one after your “Open Letter to the World”. I too hadn't heard it before, but I have to agree with much of what John Lennon said in this song – in my opinion (as an Englishman!), the history of English involvement in Ireland is one of the worst stains on our national conscience. It's a beautiful part of the world, with an appalling history.

    To follow up Sammy's comment, I suspect that the division of Ireland in 1921 was seen as the least bad option in terms of avoiding a vicious and protracted civil war, and that it's now irreversible for the foreseeable future. I've visited Northern Ireland several times; the two communities seem to be moving towards peaceful coexistence, but it's a very slow, tortuous process, overcoming intense, deep-rooted hatreds.

    Take care



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