I was going to do a big post tonight, but I’m just too tired, so I will save it for another night.  Also, I don’t have it all prepared right in my brain.  I’ll just post a cool song/video instead.

Kwoon – I Lived On The Moon


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  1. It's a very well developed piece, one that is very unusual. I really like the instrumental parts. The video is weird. The vocals, not much better. I mean, riding rays? That look like sharks? HAHAHAHAHA
    And they didn't live on the moon.
    Good music. I think, though at 0003, I'm not so sure!
    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    Nice song – it had an almost folk music feel to it, for me, even in the second half. And I liked the video, too – even the flying ray, I thought that was a fun idea!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. That was a really trippy video, but a good song. Really calming and relaxing. Occasionally, I'd look away, and a second later I'd look back, and the video had changed so much. Lot of stuff going on there.




  4. Well, dang… I liked it – cool song. Kyle says the walking pod thing at about 2:20 looks like me bcuz that's the way my facial hair grows. Obviously, he and I have such a warm, supportive relationship. I know you're all inspired by it… Go on… Admit it. 🙂
    – jeff


  5. Hi there, D_

    Another interesting one. I liked the video: quite inventive, and I suspect the animator had a lot of fun (and hard work) with it. The music more or less washed over me, effectively as the sound track to the video. Nice sound, but I found it difficult to distinguish the lyrics – maybe that was deliberate.

    Take care



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