Music Education

I know some of you feel the same way about hip-hop that I do about counrty or opera, but I think it’s imoprtant for me to make this post.  You don’t have to like it or listen to the music, but I want to educate this small audience that follows this blog.  Until a few years ago I had no time for hip-hop music.  It wasn’t until my uncle lost an acquaintance (Eyedea) Michael Larsen, that I learned about underground, or indie hip-hop.  He told me this movement is the same as the punk rock from his time.  It’s artists who care about the world.  They sing about politics and injustice, the environment, personal struggles, etc…These are people who are misunderstood and CARE!

I have kept a lot of these artists off this blog because I don’t think anybody wants to hear it.  The hip-hop songs I do post are not the crap you hear on the radio.  That is all gangter bs and songs with nothing to offer.

I think this artist I am posting about today fits exactly what I am talking about.  My hip-hop.  Music that matters.  Please take the time to follow this link to see what this dude is upto.  I’m NOT asking you to donate!  Just read about what he is doing.  Amazing!  And there
are more like him out there.

Bodi – Epilogue


5 responses to “Music Education

  1. I've always thought that the crap on the radio and whatnot is rap, while the good, underground, stuff with a message is hip hop. Most people use the terms interchangeably, but I feel there is a difference. But it's all just labels. The music is what matters. There are some amazing artists out there that have never “made it” that are a million times better than the shit you hear on the radio. Minneapolis has a great amount of them too.

    What Bodi is doing is great. Using his fame to get the support he needs to fund the trip is a wonderful idea. And I like that the proceeds will continue to go to the orphanages forever, not just at first . They will always be getting something from it.

    Thanks for posting this. More people need to be educated. You are one smart kid.




  2. This sounds like a cool project…I'm looking forward to seeing some journal updates about Alex's trip.

    Hey, DJ…why don't you do a piece of art and donate it to the auction site? I'm sure someone would buy it!




  3. I find that the roots of hip hop/rap are quite good. It's when the gangstas took it over that it went sour and I dumped it in the same category as opera. I like songs like this. Glad you posted it, and I like your education, too. I'm not too old to learn to like new stuff!

    The project is really cool. I agree with Andy, send them a custom piece of DJ Art! For a thing like this, every dollar counts and HELPS!

    Peace <3


  4. Hello David
    I agree with you and Jay that the 'gangsta' contingent have led to everyone in this genre being tarred with the same brush, completely unfairly, of course. The likes of Alex illustrate just how inaccurate the stereotype is, and I wish his project every possible success. I still don't like the music, though, sorry!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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