This album has been called a masterpiece in electronic music.  I have to agree.

Trentemøller – The Very Last Resort from the album The Last Resort


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  1. Hello David
    I'm not entirely sure about this – I enjoyed it, with its trippy, 'otherworldly' feel, but I think a whole album of this kind of thing might be too much. I suppose the answer to the conundrum would be to actually listen to the album, and then decide.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. Isn't it fun to see comments from F.O.A.D.s who are too lazy or totally non-creative to create their own blog so they come trash others? If it's so stupid and pointless, why did you bother to even leave a comment?
    F = Fucking
    O = Orangutan
    A = Arsed
    D = Douche!!!
    Gee, this is fun! What other MadLib type responses can we get for this idiot who can't even sign an identifiable name to his stupid, pointless comment?


  3. I liked this! I can imagine sitting back with a big, fat doobie and just chilling to this music. A whole album of it would probably require more than one doob. Just like Led Zeppelin, only different.

    Peace <3


  4. I love this blog and the blogger. I dig the new music he shares and I'm very glad he shares it, which, btw, IS THE POINT. So I guess I'll take my turn…
    F – frozen
    O – orangutan
    A – anal
    D – droppings

    – jeff


  5. I forgot the other part… Trentemoller is a total wizard. I've been a fan of his programming for a while. I will admit that an entire CD could get tedious. But he's a genius programmer and has very creative ideas. – jeff


  6. Hello Anon
    I wonder how long it took your obviously very, very small mind to come up with such witty, sparkling repartee. (By the way, there are online dictionaries available if you have trouble understanding the words with more than one syllable, although you do have to be able to read to use them, which I can appreciate might be a problem in your case.)
    If you feel the urge to leave any further pearls of your wisdom, please don't hesitate to follow your own acronymic advice – the world would be much the richer by your absence.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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