For my new friend.

Gil Scott-Heron – Me And The Devil


3 responses to “

  1. Which new friend is this for? Dare I ask! HAHAHA Lotsa zombies!!! Lotsa death in this one. Yeah, maybe it is!!!!

    And the transition is a nice segue.

    You really GOT IT, dude. I like it just because. Perfect. Keep up the good work. As long as you don't foad.

    Peace <3


  2. Hey!!!

    *I* was gonna request some Gil, but thought it might be too radical for folks!

    Y'all be sure to check out Gil's earlier work…and this one is real cool!




  3. Hello David
    Very powerful, musically and visually, albeit not in a genre I'm really at home with. But, again, something I wouldn't have listened to had it not been for your tutelage, so thank you for your continued efforts.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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