Sabadell Orchestra – Beethoven’s 9th Symphony


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  1. Hello David
    In spite of, or maybe even because of, his status as the most classical of classical composers, I've never been a great fan of Beethoven – in general, I like music, whether it be rock or classical, which engages my emotions, and Beethoven doesn't seem to do that for me. Except in the case of the extract you've picked – Ode to Joy is a really uplifting piece of music which I like a lot.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. One thing I didn't think of at first. This is an iconic piece of music. So iconic in fact, that I performed it as a first flute player in a county orchestra in high school. I can still picture every note in my head, and see the conductor in front of me, melding a bunch of kids from all over a fairly large county into a music machine – much like this one!


  3. So how come a harmonica or a kazoo player didn't show up???

    Guess I need to breakout my Beethoven books…

    Did I tell you my best friend in HS is the former conductor of the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and Richmond Symphony, among others…and I had a jazz studies professor who was principal bassoonist for the Richmond Symphony (and a *hell* of a tenor sax player!)

    Oh, and I think Beethoven is properly from the Romantic period, which followed the Classical period, although it all gets lumped generically as “classical.”




  4. Hi there, D_

    Thanks for posting this – it's not quite a “flash” orchestra, but it's still an interesting and unusual way to do a public performance.

    It might also be of interest that this took place in Spain – in a suburb of Barcelona, in fact. Given the economic situation there, I wonder how many of the audience, and indeed of the performers, were out of work. The closing title, “We are Sabadell”, suggests some sort of community involvement.

    Take care



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