You Can Call Me Hollywood

I need to make a full on movie.  Like a Bond or Bourne movie.  I already wrote a song for it.

DJ – Iamhaunted


6 responses to “You Can Call Me Hollywood

  1. Yeah, I can totally see this being in a movie. Kind of reminds me of something from the Golden Eye video game for N64. Yeah, I still play it, what's it to ya?

    Spring is here! I can see grass again! Holy shit!




  2. Hello David
    Another excellent song, as we've come to expect from you. I definitely got the feel of your action hero in jeopardy from the music. And why not make a film – Robert Rodriguez made El Mariachi for peanuts in the 90's, sell some of your art to raise a few dollars, and go for it!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Hi there, D_

    I like it! I can definitely hear echoes of old Bond themes here, and also something a bit more edgy that might suit the Bourne movies better. Good luck with Hollywood!

    Take care



  4. Truly a fine composition! I kept looking over my shoulder expecting to see the muzzle of a gun, or the glint of a knife blade. This just blows my mind. You are so freaking talented!
    Peace <3


  5. Well done!

    Speaking of Bond…did you know that Jimmy Page played guitar for the “Goldfinger” theme?

    And singer Shirley Bassey had to take her bra off!!!




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