I wish there were bands like this now.  I listen to a lot of Black Flag.

Black Flag – Rise Above


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  1. YES! Damaged was the first Black Flag album I bought. I think I was around 12 or 13. Such a great album. If only there were more like them.

    I've seen Henry Rollins live doing his spoken word stuff, and he has some interesting opinions on things. I think there are a couple on netflix or youtube. I'd suggest checking them out. He is one smart man.




  2. Hello David
    Good stuff – I liked the ethos of the punk movement, the idea that if you had something to say, you went out and said it, irrespective of what the world thought of you. Not that I necessarily agreed with everything they said, but the expression of ideas and opinions is rarely a bad thing.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Here's one of them. If you get the time, watch it. He talks about everything from penis crushing and Australia, to being president and trying to shake Danny DeVito's assistant to death.

    The shows are more humor, but in some of them he gets pretty deep. And there are interviews with him where he voices his opinion on things that really make you think.


  4. Yes! I infuriated my best friend when we were 18 when I took his girlfriend to see Black Flag shortly afterDamaged was released. One of my college newspapers ran a scathing review of it by someone clearly incapable of the critical thinking skills required to understand lyrics. He apparently thought they were advocating getting addicted to drugs and watching TV nonstop.

    If you haven't heard them already, check out the Chuck Dukowski SEXTET. They're far-and-away the best of the various post-BF groups out there. They've released three albums, so far.


  5. Excellent choice! Black Flag was one of the few punk rocks bands of the time that I liked, and I still do. Been a long time since I heard them, so this was cool.

    Peace <3


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