My uncle has a ton of Seattle (grunge) bands.  I think I listened to all of it.  Some really good bands and some I couldn’t really get into.  One of them was a sort of part-time group of dudes from different bands (Pearl Jam, Satchel) and they got together and made this amazing cd.  I still listen to it quite a bit.

Brad – Screen


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  1. Hello David
    I hadn't heard of Brad until a couple of months ago, when Stone Gossard did a brief interview on Planet Rock in connection with some UK dates the band were playing. The Pearl Jam influence is pretty obvious in this track, to my ears, at least. Not bad, but not one that immediately roused my enthusiasm.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. The amount of bands related to Pearl Jam, or really, just the crossover within the whole Seattle grunge community in general, is amazing. I knew of Temple Of The Dog and Mad Season, but hadn't heard of Brad before.

    I like this song. Not really knowing what to expect, but having some idea because of the players, I was impressed. Shawn Smith has a haunting voice. But I must say, that is one harsh snare.

    Thanks for this one!




  3. I really like this. I've listened to some of the Seattle grunge scene and this is cool. I hadn't noticed the Pearl Jam influence until I saw it mentioned, then I listened again.
    Peace <3


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