Hans Werner Henze: Fantasia für Streicher (1966)


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  1. Hello David
    I'm not an enormous fan of string music – I prefer the sound of woodwind ensembles – but this was certainly listenable, especially the uptempo sections, which reminded me of Prokofiev's Scythian Suite, which is a piece I do like a lot.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. LB got it right. I like movie scores so that's how I know him. Also I go to a few music blogs I learn a lot from. YouTube with the sidebar I can get lost for hours there.

    Sammie. Thanks I will check him out.


  3. So, DJ, care to share some of these music blogs with us? (I already know about Lightning Jukebox!)

    Ah, LB…I thought some of this sounded vaguely familiar.

    For years there were rumors that the story of “The Exorcist” had actually happened in Mt. Ranier, Md, very close to where I went to HS. In fact, as a kid I played b-ball a few times at St. James Catholic Church in Mt.Ranier, where the priest who did the exorcism was from.

    And the “Exorcist Stairs” are on M Street in Georgetown, Washington, DC: http://www.catsafterme.com/blog/archives/2564

    Here's an article where the author uncovers a lot of detail about the original story: http://www.catsafterme.com/blog/archives/2564

    Since this is a music blog, I should say the whole area (Georgetown, Cottage City, etc.) were the stomping grounds of legendary guitarists Roy Buchanan and Danny Gatton, who performed at clubs like Crossroads, Chick Hall's Surf Club, Desparados, etc.

    Didn't you and I have a Gatton conversation a while back?




  4. I just checked my Evan Johns post on my blog and saw that, yep, you commented on it and mentioned Danny Gatton. I've got a pretty great CD of a live set from March of 1984 from Evan Johns and the H-Bombs with Danny joining them called Showdown at the Hoedown. The sound isn't great, but the playing is ferocious. No idea where you might find a copy, though. I bought mine direct from Evan when it was released back in 2005.

    The original exorcist boy has been fairly well debunked as a mischievous kid. I can't recall the name, but we recently watched a show that did a good job of tracking down where he lived and who knew what was happening. No devil or demons, just a very clever brat. IIRC, one of the clues that he was faking was messages that mysteriously appeared on his chest were in mirror print, which makes sense if he was looking in the mirror as he wrote them. 😀


  5. Andy- if I told you them, you wouldn't want to come here anymore. Google a music genre with the word blogspot and you can find ones you like that way 🙂

    But YouTube sidebar is pretty amazing too.


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