Moby Grape – Hey Grandma


3 responses to “Request

  1. Thanks for posting this, DJ.

    The wild child in the video is Skip Spence, who was only with MG for a short while, and who had kind of a tragic life story…a lot of that in older rock music, eh?

    Since I've been following your blog, I am going back and re-acquainting myself with lots of music with which I was only peripherally familiar…being a lot older now, I have a much greater appreciation for it.

    (When I was about 14, I made a decision to study traditional, straight-ahead jazz, and then the subsequent fusion music, but I am not particularly knowledgable about rock music generally, except for the Beatles, who I started listening to at 6 or 7…lolI So be forewarned, I'll be sending some fusion your way!)

    Note how the narrator uses the term “Country and Western,” which was the term for the music that was much more authentic than contemporary country…but now I am digressing more than usual…haha!

    Anyway, Graham Parsons and the Flying Burritio Brothers are another good example of nascent country rock genre.




  2. Hello David
    A real period piece! Interesting to see the early take on video effects – well, film effects, I guess, in that era – and graphics, too.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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