Earth Day

There are two bands I think of when Earth Day comes around.  Cloud Cult (but I’ve already posted a few by them) and this band my mom used to listen too all the time.  The Samples.  I got no idea if they are at all popular, but they are pretty chill and they care a lot about the planet and all living creatures.

The Samples – Close to the Fires


6 responses to “Earth Day

  1. Hello David
    A thoroughly worthy message – 'just take what you need' would be a good principle for everyone in 'the West' to follow, albeit a principle I have little doubt will be largely ignored.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. I have actually heard of The Samples. Some of the first “tree huggers”, I guess, though others have stood up for the environment over the years.

    Peace <3


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