Have you ever felt like there is a band that was made just for you?  One where the music and the lyrics speak to you in such a personal way.  Where you get goosebumps and you can laugh and cry while listening to them.  I held onto an itunes gift card since Christmas because that MY band was releasing a new album this spring.  It came out and I have those same feelings from this album that I do from others by them.

Cloud Cult – Good Friend


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  1. Hello David
    I tend to react to specific songs rather than having a special band in the sense you describe with Cloud Cult. I guess the nearest I ever had to that feeling of 'the perfect band for me' was the early days, particularly the first album, of The Jesus & Mary Chain – speaking of 'theme songs', as you were yesterday, Never Understand, from that first album, is still mine.
    The song you've posted here is a good one, and I think I can see why it would be personal to you. The 'story' has a happy ending, too – as I hope yours will.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  2. This is a really cool song. Great production and very distinguishable as them. CRAP!!! Now I'm gonna have to go buy that album… 🙂 – jeff


  3. I really love Cloud Cult, and this song is awesome.

    I think you know you've got some good, good friends here. Hope you post some more happy music like this!

    Peace <3


  4. Wow, nice, awesome, i woke from a bad dream and this made me feel a lot better. Thanks DJ, I needed this song right now. Hugs Jeremy


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