That one time I was famous last summer for a minute.

There is a legendary street performer in downtown Minneapolis that plays a bucket.  Kevin, I know you have seen him!  My uncle showed him to me a few years ago and said his friends all called him “the bucket dude”.  He moves around to where the action is.  T-Wolves games, Twins games, Viking games, concerts, clubs…

One night last summer I was bumming around with some friends jamming with guitars and drums and stuff and we were walking to somewhere (I can’t remember where) and we came around a corner and there was the bucket dude jamming out.  He stopped and talked to us for a bit.  He knew some of the guys I was with.  But what was weird was that he looked at me and started talking to me like I was the only one there.  I guess he liked me because I made him laugh.  He also gave me my nickname (snaggletooth) and yeah it stuck with me, that’s what some people call me now.  After a while he asked us all to sit down and have a jam with him.  I guess that is super rare because he normally plays alone.  It was super cool and we got a lot of people stopping by to check it out.

So yeah that was my jam with the famous bucket dude. He is a legend! Eyedea even wrote a song about this guy, and here it is.

Oliver Hart (Eyedea) – How Much Do You Pay?


4 responses to “That one time I was famous last summer for a minute.

  1. I'm not sure what to say, knowing you. So I'll leave it at this.

    THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME POST THAT YOU'VE EVER MADE! The music is incredible, and you are, too!

    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    A great story! It sounds like it was quite an experience. And, even though I still don't like the musical genre, Eyedea's lyrics to the song you posted are certainly thought-provoking.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. That is a great story!

    I've been lucky enough to play with a few locally well-known musician, or people who played with famous people. (i am usually not worthy…lol!)

    So, should we call you Snaggletooth now? (“DJ” is easier to say.)




  4. Bucket man! Yeah! That dude is awesome! I swear, whenever I leave a concert I see him. Sometimes not right out front, but down the block you'll hear him. And I never have seen him play with anyone else, so I do consider yourself lucky. I wonder if I'll see him tomorrow. For laughs my brother got us tickets to Limp Bizkit. I don't really care to go, although it will be sweet to see Wes Borland live. That dude is awesome. I still don't understand why he's in LB. His solo band 'Black Light Burns' is really good. You should check them out if you haven't already. I don't think they tour anymore, so this might be the only time I get to see him live. Even if it does mean watching a 42 year old Fred Durst still try to be 'cool' and relevant.

    Great song!




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