One of my uncles all time favorite songs by one of his all time favorite bands.  I love them too.

Quicksand – Dine Alone


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  1. OK, it's much better on my good computer speakers! (My network was being a bee-atch so I listened to it on my phone. Much better with bass and a full voice range represented! Crappy earbuds now in trash.)


  2. Hello David
    Yet another good one. Powerful, good bass again. Your uncle has good taste – but then, from what you've said before, we knew that anyway!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Another band I was unfamiliar with, but I like it. I can see why you and your uncle do too. After Wikipedia-ing it, I was trying to figure out why the bass player's name sounded familiar. Then it hit me, he's the new bass player for the Deftones. Dude man knows how to play the bass.




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