I would be very surprised if any of you know this one.  There is this punk band from Denmark called Iceage that I am a huge fan of.  Singer guy from Iceage has this other band that is not punk rock at all.  This is them.

Vår – In Your Arms


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  1. I will NOT surprise you and tell you I'd ever even heard of this band. It is awesome. You love it because of the music, and the hunky guy flexing, right?! HAHAHAHA!!! And, they love Audis (I think that is the 5 ring logo on the car, too sleepy at 11:10PM to look it up).

    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    I'd never heard of either band, as predicted. I liked the track, though, it reminded me of 80's electro/indie stuff, a bit like a cross between The Cure and Tubeway Army. Good one.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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