This one makes me cry too.  Maybe I cry too easy…

John Doe – Twin Brother


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  1. Love it! Surprised you're into country, but then, you're into everything!

    I don't think you cry too easy. I think you choose good music to bring out the emotions.

    Peace <3


  2. Hello David
    There's nothing wrong with expressing your emotions, and music has a way of helping that to happen. I have a 'nearly always makes me cry' song, too – Silent Lucidity. And I'm not ashamed of the fact.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. What's messed up is I almost posted that song like 5 times now! My uncle is really into out-of-body stuff and dream control. He played me this song and explained the lyrics to me from his out-of-body point of view. He said most people think its a death song but to him it's not. I also have read some books on out of body and I have been practicing leaving my body during sleep time 🙂


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