Fishing was perfect!  Meaning I didn’t catch anything.  I am not good at fishing.  I never fished with my family growing up, so I never learned much about it.  I would freak out if I caught one.  I don’t know how to get them off the hook or how to hold them or anything.  For me just being out there with nature is all I want.  Just drop my thingy in the water and hope nothing grabs it!

This is one of the best bands I found in my uncles collection.  I listen to them a lot.  The bad thing is they only recorded one album before they broke up.  This song is one that I play on acoustic and jammed down town last summer.  It’s one of them songs that I really connect with perfectly.  Like the singer wrote it for me.  Such a cool tune.

Handsome – Left of Heaven


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  1. Well now I have to go get this album. That was great! It'd be interesting to hear it acoustic.

    You know, you probably shouldn't drop your thingy in the water waiting for something to come grab it. You could get hurt doing that…




  2. yeah, you wouldn't want anything/anyone grabbing your thingy…or would you??? lol!

    Well, I can't see the video here at work, and they also block mp3 samples, like on Amazon.

    But they didn't block Amazon.UK, so I can listen there, haha!

    Anyway, there's no sample this song by Handsome, but I did find a song by the same name by Cuttting Crew, which sounds pretty cool (but I don't think it's the same song.)

    I'll check this out after work.




  3. Hello David
    If this is typical of the band, it's certainly a pity they only made one album – this is good stuff. I'd love to hear your acoustic version, too.
    Fishing was one of my dad's great loves, and he tried several times to get me interested when I was a boy, but I'm afraid I just found it intensely boring. Getting out into nature is fine, but the fishing bit is on the same level for me as Mark Twain's opinion of golf – 'a good walk spoiled'!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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