I know I posted these guys a while back, but I have been listening to them a lot lately.  What other band can sing a song about electrocuting your girlfriend in the bathtub and making it sound almost beautiful lol!

Deftones – Digital Bath


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  1. The Deftones have a lot of great drum beats, but I think this is my favorite. Linear in a sense, but not quite. Fun as hell to play.

    There's a pretty good live version that I found from Lollapalooza, I think 2011, but I could be wrong. It's gotta be hard for Chino to hit those high notes still. And the drummer is wearing a Fist Ave t-shirt, so that's just bad ass.


    Am I the only one who thinks the guitar player reminds me of Fletcher from Pennywise?




  2. Oh yeah,

    Next Tuesday, the debut album from Palms comes out. Palms is Chino from Deftones, and three of the guys from ISIS. I first heard about ISIS in 06 when the opened for Tool, and damn. Go listen to them now. It's a shame they broke up, but I'm excited for Palms. And it's got Chino, so, yeah.




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