A couple of new ones I found out about this week from you guys.  The Silverchair one is cute 15 year old Aussies (well 15 when they made it).  The Mark Steiner one is a New York guy living in Oslo.  Cool songs from him too. Thanks guys!

Silverchair – Tomorrow

Mark Steiner & His Problems – Sea of Disappointment


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  1. WOW! Bloody awesome!!!!

    Who's the shirtless one in the Silverchair video? They're both cuter than they have a right to be! Not to mention that they play excellent music. Good stuff.

    Steiner is musical, too, but not as cute. Love the song and the throbbing bass!

    Peace <3


  2. I figured you'd like the video for Tomorrow. Hehe. I still can't believe they were 15. I've heard that song on the radio forever, and I really dig that album, but it was rather recently I found out how young they were. Age is just a number.

    I like that Mark Steiner song. Interesting video too. The guitar part reminds me of something, but I can't figure out what the hell it is.




  3. Yeah it rained balls last night. Woke me up at three and I was able to get Nic to go lay out in the front yard and let it pour on us. It was exciting 🙂


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