It’s Ok, I Got This…

By the time you read this, I’ll already be gone!  Haha!  I’ve always wanted to say that..

As I said last night, I lost my post.  I got up super early this morning to try again.  This is a very important post for me, because it’s the last one I will be doing for a while.

I don’t have the time or heart to rewrite the big post I made last night.  I was a mess when I wrote it, and I don’t feel like going there again.  Later today I am boarding a train (first time) and heading to the Southwest. I’m meeting up with some travel friends I met last summer to do our version of survivor-man lol.  We will camp and explore and run with the wolves.

Then it’s off to the Carlsbad Caverns to meet my uncle.  We both have wanted to go there for quite a while.  After that I am returning with him to Austin, Texas to live with him.  There is a very, very good chance sometime in August, we will move again, to Denver.  TBH I like the idea of Denver a lot more than Texas.  I sometimes wonder if he is taking a job there for me…

So why have I been a mess?  I am going to miss Dominic loads!  He has been a very good friend to me at a time when I really needed him a lot.  I am also going to miss Minnesota a lot too.  It’s the only home I’ve ever known.  I know I can come back here someday and probably will.

So a big THANK YOU is on order:

Jay, Kevin, Sammy, Andy, Jeff, Kyle, Jeremy, Lightning, Pom, T-Man, Paul, Foggy, and anon (I know who you are)  The fact that all of you took the time to look at this blog and write comments IS the only reason I had it.  In the big old internet world, this is a very small place, but you guys made it possible.  I don’t know when I will post again, but you all know me, so you all know I always come back.

Ok, some peeps wanted to see a recent picture of me.  I hate  having my picture taken, so there aren’t many. Dominic snapped one off with his phone that I actually liked.  It’s not some posed fake smile.  It’s me how I really am, getting lost in music.

Now the music part…

I had to open a Soundcloud account because Divshare was being a bitch.  This is a version of a song I posted a long time ago.  This is pretty much what I heard in my head when I made the first version.  Sammy, who might not even remember, sent me some song lyrics when the idea of a collaboration came up.  I had to tweak them a little bit for fitting the beat and I like some rhyming words.  What is so amazing to me is how perfectly Sammy captured the vibe of the song.  His lyrics are f’reaking perfect!  Thanks Sammy!  The only problem with the song is I had to sing into my phone mic, so the quality is not studio quality.

So here it is:

The lyrics:

Gazing from this window midnight
City bathed in frozen moonlight
Constellations shining coldly
In darkened skies from up above
Eerie silence, nothing out there
Just empty spaces everywhere
There is nothing left to hope for
Feels like I’m trapped forever more

But in my dreams, I see a landscape
Warm, peaceful, no need for escape
Blue skies, blue sea, the forest green
White clouds slowly float by me
Gentle waves that lap on shoreline
Soft the breeze that kiss my face
A place to be and live as myself
Cruel cruel world just let me go

Let the sunlight was on my soul
Melt this ice that chills my bones
Feel the sand beneath my warm feet
Escape for me from these cold streets
Free me, take me, please let me fly
Into the arms of ocean wide
Another chance is all I’m asking
Asking to let my soul soar free


15 responses to “It’s Ok, I Got This…

  1. I knew this was coming, yet it's still sad. I've gotten so used to seeing a post from you everyday, and usually opening me up to something new.

    It sounds like you've got one hell of an adventure ahead of you. Go out, have the time of your life, and stay safe. You're headed to a beautiful area, so enjoy.

    Friends come and go, but there are always those that stay with you, even when you can't be with them. Nic will always have that with you. Texas might be a bit far, but it's what, 13 hours from here to Denver? Totally doable in a day. You'll keep in touch. Maybe it's time for you to get a facebook. (Don't. Seriously. Those things sucks balls. And not in the hot way).

    I remember the original of the song, and I like the improvement. It's really cool with vocals, and the quality isn't too bad. Cool lyrics Sammy. Very fitting.

    Thanks for letting me into your life in whatever ways you have. I can't count how many times we've said goodbye to you, but you do always seem to come back. So not goodbye.

    See ya later.




  2. Hello David
    Oh, David, what can I say? To wake up this morning and find this post has just been such an emotional experience. The way you've done the song is amazing – I envisaged the vocals being done in a similar fashion to Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun by Pink Floyd, and that's just how it came out. I've written loads of song lyrics in the past, especially when I was around your age and a little older, when I was nearly in a band, but this, thirty five years on, is the first time I've ever heard a completed song that I've had a part in. Thank you so much.
    And now you're heading out on a new path. I hope with all my heart that everything works out for you as you would wish, whether that proves to be in Texas, Denver, or wherever. You deserve fulfillment and happiness, and I hope that's exactly what you find. I'll miss the musical education you've given me over the past few months, but, as you said, we know you'll be back in some shape or form – I'll be looking forward to it. Like Kevin said, not goodbye, but au revoir.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. I hope it’s not too long before you get to see this. I am happy to hear you have this real adventure ahead of you and a new life starting. I hope your camping trip with your travel friends works out wonderfully. It’s great that you will be with your uncle again. I visited Carlsbad Caverns a little over four years ago and really enjoyed that, it is a magical place. Don’t miss the bat event in the evening in the amphitheater. I hope you will come here again when you can and give us a report on your adventures.

    I think it’s wonderful that you will again live with your uncle and that he might even be tailoring his life to better suit you. I also spent days in the Denver area on that trip four years ago and that is a very nice place especially with the Rocky Mountains so close by. I am sure you will like it there if that’s where you wind up.

    Thanks for finally providing a good photo of yourself, you have grown into a good looking young man.

    I’m glad Dominic has been such a good friend to you when you needed one. I’m sure you will find a way to keep in touch with him. You will find other good friends along the way.

    Thanks for making the song available. I’ve saved the link even though I couldn’t find a way to save the song itself. Your musical talents continue on. I miss the art too, I hope you haven’t given up on that.

    All I can do is wish you to best in your new experiences. I hope you will continue to keep us up to date on how your life progresses in the future.


  4. Oh, I would be remiss if I didn't thank you for all the inspiration and education you have given me these last few years…so a heartfelt “Thank You!”

    I hope you have a blast, and that good things come your way!




  5. Hi there, David

    I haven't been commenting much recently (and I'm sorry about that – thanks for including me nonetheless), but I felt I couldn't let this post go by.

    Firstly, many thanks for all the music over the last six months – you've introduced me to a lot of things I wouldn't have heard otherwise.

    I wish the very best of luck with your journey – it looks as if you have a great summer lined up. As you say, we know you, so I very much expect this is “see you soon” rather than “farewell”. I look forward to seeing and hearing the art and music that all your new experiences inspire.

    Best of luck also with your new life at your destination, whether it's Texas or Denver. It can be hard to put down roots in a new place, but I don't think you'll be sent out to make a new friend this time.

    Take care



  6. I figured this was what was coming. David, you've grown up into a fine looking young man – very different than the boy in the “proof” picture. I thank you for your friendship.

    I know how it is to move. I lived in 3 states, 3 cities and 7 houses from the time I was old enough to start and finish school. You and Dominic will not be less of friends, even if you don't see each other every day and fight over who gets the bathroom first. Your adventure will be fun, freeing, and when you make it to your final (for at least a while) destination, you'll be reunited with someone who loves you and cares about you.

    I'll look forward to your next post. Maybe if you hit some Wi-Fi between here and there you can post some pictures of your adventures.

    THE SONG IS AWESOME!!! I am trying to figure out how to save it so I can listen to it on my iPod. (You did take your guitar, right?)

    Peace <3


  7. BTW, don't know if Nic reads this blog, but if you do, THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH A GREAT FRIEND TO DAVID OVER THE PAST 3 YEARS! I'm sure your house will be a lot quieter for a while.
    Peace <3


  8. For starters, I'm so freakin' excited for you. This trip is going to be epic. And the next chapter in your life, I'm certain, will be a great one. You have so many awesome things on the horizon it's dizzying but I know you can handle it. You'll have amazing new sights and cities to explore (there's some pretty cool music in Austin) and you'll be living with your uncle. How great is that?!?!?! I look forward to hearing all about it when you get back.

    I'm digging your song. As usual, I like the parts and the sonic space of each. Plus it was great to hear your voice. Good melody and BGV parts. Kyle said it needs some screaming and that he's the guy to do it for you. 🙂 Yeah, umm… Whatever.

    So be safe, bro, and have the time of your life. We'll all be right here waiting for you. I'll be the one sitting next to the screamo-dude.

    You're awesome- jeff


  9. Wow, Thanks David for saying the things you did here. I wont worry so much that you are gone this time. But my emotions are all over the place. I am happy, sad, scared, crying, just so many emotions here today. Listening to your song, it kind of scares me, but i also realize it was wrote by someone else, and it really isn't your words, but still it is scary that you used the words for your song. So many things said in the song, then you write also on the post. I know you are going to meet people that you was running with when you first left your mom.

    But it makes me wonder if your going to stay with them and not go live with your uncle. I know from what we have wrote to each other about that, that you will eventually end up with your uncle i am sure of that. You told me once that you did some bad things and some good things when you was with them before. You never told me the bad things and i hope you don't have to do those this time too.

    Weather it be Texas or Denver, as long as your with your uncle i think i would worry less about you. Being in a place that really isn't yours is hard on a person. I know you have been through a lot with everything and i do hope things are going to change for the better. Don't get me wrong, you had a nice place with Nick too, and i am glad he was there for you when you needed help. He is a really cool person and i am glad you met him. I want you to do that again too when you get to Texas and to Denver later if you move there too. I want you to keep going out until you have met another person like Nick. You always need friends David and you need to go find more at the new places you go to. You have a heart of gold and you care so much for people that i wont listen to you say it is hard to find a friend. Because i know you can make friends really easy. Remember what i told you that my mom always said when we move. Use it to your advantage becasue it don't happen to much. But it is one thing you can do when you move.

    I am sorry i wasn't here the other night when you needed me the most. I will always be thinking of you David and i hope things turn out good for you. I know sometimes the internet seems so fake to someone also. If i never get to talk to you again remember always i will love you with all my heart. Remember to take care of the piece of my heart you have right now. Also i want you to think of something too if you do move to Denver. I want you to look out in the west direction and when you see the Rockie Mountains that you will see in the west, i want you to think of one thing. While your looking west at the Rockies, just remember i am just the other side of that mountain range okay? It is a big mountain range but i live the other side of those mountains.

    Also you know me, maybe i am reading more into this then is going to happen, but if i don't get to talk to you again, just always be yourself okay. Okay i got to go this is kind of an emotional read here for me. Love you lots and don't ever forget me, I will never forget you, hugs and kisses Jeremy.


  10. Yeah, I second that motion. It's time for an update on your life and a recounting of your summer adventures. You have fans out here who are interested in your life. I hope you had a good time this summer and that you are happily settled into a new school year wherever it is where you are. Best regards to your uncle too.


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