I Got Your Polar Vortex Right Here…

I have a ritual. A ritual for sleeping. Many nights sleep doesn’t come easy for me. I have a tough time turning my brain off. Herbal supplements give me night terrors. Reading draws me into the words. What does work is music.

I prepare for bed the same way every night. I lay atop my blankets, on my back, in only my boxer briefs. I prefer pitch-blackness and the drone of a distant fan. On nights where sleep evades me, I plug earbuds into my head and listen to a carefully selected playlist at the lowest volume my iPhone allows.

The other night I reached for my earbuds. I had left a window open by accident. It was one of those wicked cold nights. A night you would not want to leave a window open. My Norge blood keeps me warm on the coldest of nights and I can never start a night under a blanket, I would just get too hot. I always wake up cold in the middle of the night and cover up then. On this night the music took me to dreamland, but I stayed cold under my blankets,even after I tucked under. Sometime later, this happened…

I was naked in a snow storm. Large fluffy flakes blowing violently, nearly parallel to the snow covered ground. I was frozen to the core. Beyond anything I could ever imagine. Numb. Shaking spastically. The sky was the blackest of black. I walked on, going nowhere, on this flat nothingness. I could see no end, no horizon. I didn’t know where I was or where to go.

Then from a distance I heard a sound creeping into my brain. A familiar sound, getting louder and louder. It was a song. A favorite song of mine. Suddenly I walked with purpose. The song enveloped me like a heavy, warm blanket. Protected me. It let me know I was going to be okay. The snow leveled out falling from straight above.  Large,lazy flakes, like soft cotton. The blacked sky turned to pink then orange as the bright sun broke on the horizon, and the last flakes fizzled out.

Then I woke up. It was early morning and I was snuggled under my warm blankets. I could see my breath. That’s when I realized I had left the window open. I have never had anything like that happen before. This song pulled me from a nightmare. Saved me. Music is amazing. 


9 responses to “I Got Your Polar Vortex Right Here…

  1. It’s a real pleasure to have observed over the years how your writing skills have progressed. This was a very nicely done piece. I congratulate you for your success in this. I hope things are going well for you and you are enjoying life. I also hope you will more often now treat us to more of your observations of the world and your life.


  2. Well, hello. I am glad to see the “when” won out. Great piece, you have really matured in your writing. I love the song, too.

    I know what you mean about having trouble falling asleep (and staying that way), though reading is my way to drift off. I love music, but it makes my brain work too hard, I guess.

    It's been cold for Virginia, but nothing like what you are dealing with. I'm glad your Norge blood keeps you warm! I just grab another blanket.

    Peace <3


  3. It's nice to be back. It's also nice to see some of you found your way back here and commented. I do feel like I need to apologize for pulling a disappearing act and not responding to birthday and Christmas wishes and wellness checks. I deal with things like a…well like some kind of animal that digs deep underground and stays out of the sunlight. A gopher! That's it! Call me a gopher, and I truly am sorry if I hurt any feelings. I really do care a lot about all of you, but I beg you of your patients and understanding.



  4. Hello David
    So nice to see you back, and with such an evocative piece of music, too – I can easily imagine how this could give rise to comforting dreams. And, as anon and Jay said, your writing is just as evocative, too – very impressive. I wish you a belated Happy New Year, and hope that the year is just that for you – happy.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  5. What's up Goldy?

    There are two things I need to fall asleep. Music, and a fan. And if I can't have both, then music to give my mind something to focus on. It used to be I could fall asleep listening to anything. And I mean anything. But as time has gone on, and it's become harder for me to fall asleep, what I listen to has changed. Now I not only need something for my brain to focus on, I need something it can think about as well. Being a musician, I've taken to listening to very technical music, and my mind then tries to follow along and play with the music. It's weird, sure. And every person I've talked to doesn't understand how I can peacefully, and easily fall asleep listening to Lamb of God. But it works. My mind usually hones in on the drums, and I play along to the music in my head.

    The point is, music serves many purposes. You can have songs/albums/bands that you listen to when you feel happy, for when you feel sad or angry, and just mindless stuff to have on in the background. But the interesting thing to me is, that those same songs/albums/bands can serve multiple purposes. Depending on your mood, the same song may evoke calm, peaceful thoughts, while two days later, it could be something that reminds you of something terrible. This song for you, will now always make you think of this nightmare. And it may recall the scared, lonely feelings of the dream. But it will also remind you of the light that saved you in the end, and brought you back to the safety of your bed.

    And fuck the cold! Fuck!

    Good to hear from you.




  6. With pen in hand, you have a gift.
    I have never been much of a “reader”. I would much rather look at pictures and read the captions.

    This post is AMAZING. Read it from beginning to end – captivating. Few people can “draw me in” with their words – you do. I'm rather curious to see what you could do with a camera in your hand. If it's anything like your writing, you could be the next Alfred Eisenstaedt.

    btw – Just how cold WAS it when you woke up?

    “BZ” …………. “FOGGY” ❤


  7. Thanks everybody for the comments 🙂

    I think lonerism and a very good English teacher have helped me develop as a better writer. We had a section on creative writing that I found a lot of fun.

    For the record, I thought I would need to change the name of this blog. As it stands, life has brought me full circle, back to the frozen hell that is minneapolis. Posts will not be on the daily, like they were before. Tougher classes and a part-time job are robbing me of free-time.

    To answer your question Foggy. It was below zero outside, so I'd guess it was twenty or so in my room :O


  8. WOW!!!!!
    ………… We had one snow “storm” (about 3 or 4 inches of wet snow), after which it got colder than a witch's armpit. For four days, the temp in the boat was 40 to 45, with both heaters honking out the hot air (a couple of Republican politicians would have blown enough “hot air” to keep the boat “Tropical” :))
    Right now it's 40F with lite rain. Not bad for this side of the “45th Parallel”.

    Welcome to both High School AND the “job market”. These are the priorities. When time permits, and you're “in the mood” – a post would be most welcome.This page is a place to kick back, and relax.

    “BZ” ….. “FOGGY” <3

    P.S. – suggest keeping the blog title “as is”. Not all of the “45th Parallel” is in the Polar Vortex.


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