Like Magic

Have all of you seen August Rush?  If not, seek it out and watch it. For me, it’s a top ten film.  I’ve seen it many, many times.  There are four or five magical scenes that bring on the tears for me every time I watch it. This is one of those scenes.  By itself it doesn’t look like much.  But where it falls into the movie, it’s amazing.


5 responses to “Like Magic

  1. I first watched this movie in high school. I can't remember why we were watching it, but going into it I thought, 'Oh great ,now I've got to sit through this bull shit.' But I really got into it! I was surprised I liked it, but now it's a favorite of mine. I've watched it probably a dozen times since then. Another reminder to keep an open mind!




  2. Hello David
    I must admit to never even having heard of August Rush, still less watched it, but then, I'm not 'film-oriented' at all. I think I can understand why you might find this scene so affecting, though – 'lost in music', and all that.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Yup :))
    ………. I have the DVD. Bought it because I'm a Robin Williams fan.
    I was “blown away” when I watched it. If someone wanted to know what “TALENT” was, this movie would be the quintessential explanation – especially this scene.

    “Bravo Zulu” ……. “FOGGY” ❤


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