For the Great Deciever

Thank you for releasing me from four years of bullshit.


12 responses to “For the Great Deciever

  1. I love this song DJ, love to sing and play it (but can't quite hit the high notes!)

    Not quite sure what its significance is to you personally, but it's a fairly generic message that fits many situations, and I'm glad it touched you.




  2. Interesting that you would choose something like this. But I like it. And for you Billy Joel haters…ever see him in concert? Few could put on a show like he could.

    Peace <3


  3. Yup, I hate Billy Joel. A co-worker of mine is borderline obsessed with him, and it drives me crazy. Oh well, to each their own.

    I checked out Attila, and it's…interesting. Better than I thought it'd be, but still bad? Haha, I guess I was expecting a train wreck. I'm glad they only did one album. But now I know it exists!


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