This dude turned 73 this week.  Andy wanted to wish him feliz aniversario.


4 responses to “Pedido

  1. Thanks, and well-done, Grasshopper!!!

    (I had to consult the translation dictionaries to be sure you completed your assignment successfully…you get an A…lol!)

    I sure hope Kev doesn't have a friend who listens to Sergio Mendes constantly…haha!




  2. I get up and dance *EVERY* time I hear this song…sort of like this little guy:

    Which is not surprising considering the literal translation of the lyrics is something like, “More than anything, I want to dance the Samba forever!”

    Obviously there has been a tremendous Latin influence on American popular music. Carlos Santana released his first album around the time that “Mas Que Nada” came out.

    Even before that there were songs such as the Beatles “Ask Me Why,” Ben E. King's “Under the Boardwalk,” and “Spanish Harlem,” and even Elvis's “Hound Dog,” which exploited the two-measure, son clave rhythm.

    Even that lightweight hack, Billy Joel, had Latin-tinged hits in “Rosalinda's Eyes” and “Zanzibar.”

    My question to DJ and other young (and not so young) bucks, is can you give me an example of Latin influence in the contemporary musical catalog?

    I was able to find a tune called “Islero” by a band called Crooked Fingers, but not much else.

    I feel that popular music is not nearly as heterogenous as it was when I was a young buck…unfortunately there is no more “Top 40.”




  3. Hello David
    A very familiar tune, but, as you might imagine, not quite my thing. There is, though, a definite hook – I'm a million miles away from being a dancer, but I can understand how this could get people 'on the floor'.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


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