On with the Show

Well the general reaction tells me you guys wouldn’t mind reading some more.  Thanks for that!  This part might make you : )

Live Through This  cont.

I live, quite literally, in the middle of nowhere. It’s a development of about 15 houses at the top of a large set of rolling hills in the St. Croix River Valley. Town (if you will) is five winding miles downhill. Town is made up of a gas station, bar/restaurant, ice-cream shop, hair cutting place, post office, and a small library. Another ten miles along the river road brings you to Stillwater, where modern civilization exists. 

I do like our town. The gas station delivers some grubbin’ pizza. The bar has wicked good burgers, and who doesn’t love home-made ice-cream, served in waffle cones bigger than your head?  

There are a couple of big neighborhoods in town, mostly on the water. There’s also a nice beach and good fishing. If you’re into that sort of thing. 
In the summer it gets very crowded along the river. In the winter, it’s like a ghost town. Where I live is an eternal ghost town. The animals outnumber the people by a lot up here. 
“Sup D?  Haven’t seen you in a minute” said Sid (almost too loudly) as I shuffled up to the bus stop. He put his knuckles out there for me to “punch it in.”
“Daaammnnn son!  Your shit is gettin’ long!  Get a haircut Barbie. No…for real. That shit is tight. Looking good little bro”.
In case you haven’t guessed already, Sid, or as he calls himself, S to the I to the D, has a terrible affliction. A few years ago he came down with skinny white boy gangsta syndrome. It seems to happen a lot in middle-class, affluent areas all across the fruited plains.  I’ve known Sid most of my life and because of isolation alone, he’s one of my friends. He’s one grade higher than me, and one of only three of us boys in the neighborhood that are between 10 and 14. Myself being in the middle. He’s the poster child for hyperactive troublemakers, but he’s really quite harmless. There is the occasional ride home from the police, but nothing that could be seen as a major crime. His in your face, loud, obnoxious energy, is the opposite of mine. We don’t hang out a lot, but when we do, it’s always been fine. He talks and I laugh and listen. 
He does have one other condition worth mentioning. He has a strong urge to hump just about every girl he ever sees. I’m not even kidding. If you watch tv with him, every show, every commercial, he’s like “I’d hit that fo sho” or “damn! I’d tap that ass” or my favorite “I’d fuck the shit out of that bitch”.  I confess, I don’t know exactly what he’s getting at, but i have a pretty good idea. We did have a health class unit on reproduction last year. 
It makes me nervous what he must say about my mom and sister. When he comes over, I put Todd in the yard. I know he’s a golden retriever, and a boy, but how can I be sure that Sid doesn’t find dogs hot too?  I feel bad for the first girl that let’s Sid “put the wood to her.”  He’s not going to be real gentle. 
After a short wait, the bus came rambling up the hill and scooped up Sid, myself, and some girl who moved in over the summer. I don’t know a thing about her. Not even her name. If I bothered to pay attention to the gossip that runs through the neighborhood, I could probably tell you her social security number. 
Being one of the first stops on our half hour commute, yes I said half hour, we had plenty of seats to choose from. Sid went to the back row and I took the seat right in front of him. We meandered through the winding valley, occasionally picking up a kid here and there. At one stop a large group of kids boarded, causing the noise and chaos to go way up. Sid stood up and called out to a group of dudes and waved them back to where we were. They all exchanged some gangsta-like handshakes and “wad ups” as the group filled in the last couple of rows of seats. 
Before the bus was even up to speed, one of the kids pulled my hat off and said “I think you caught the wrong bus shorty. The elementary bus didn’t come around yet.”
I turned around to retrieve my hat as his group of hoodlums laughed at his joke. 
“Give me back my hat please” I squeaked, in my not yet changing kid voice. 
“Haha!  He definitely is on the wrong bus. Did you hear that voice. Haha!  At least you’re a polite little bitch” my newest, worst nightmare said back. 
I made an attempt to swipe for my hat, only to have him pull it away. As I stood up to make another grab for it, Sid stood up and said “give him back his hat Derek!  That’s my boy you’re fuckin’ with. Give it back and shut the fuck up!”
Derek, who seemed to be enjoying himself, could only manage a “huh?”, before Sid spoke up again in my defense. 
“That’s my boy Daniel. I’ve known him since we were like three. Don’t fuck with him, aight?  He’s cool. Just back off.”
Derek obediently flung my hat back to me silently and hung his head as he sat back down on his bench. 
I was surprised by what I’d just heard. True, Sid and I had known each other that long, and we’d always gotten along, but I never really thought of us as good friends. I felt kind of shitty, thinking, if Sid considers me a good friend, I don’t do a very good job of living up to it. Sid’s had a pretty rough life. His dad left him and his little sister and mom when he was eight. So he’s never had that solid male role model. His mom is a bartender and he talks about her bringing home random men, but they never hang around or show interest in him. I had a realization sitting on that bus, that Sid probably doesn’t have many friends. He’s crazy enough to get fear and respect from his peers. But I don’t think he has any close friends. I never see people going to hang out at his house. I decided right then, that I would be a better friend to him. The whole “I want to put my dick in that” monologue and all. I mean, he just stood up for me. No one has done that for me, ever.  He saved my ass and maybe even cleared the path for me to have a worry-free year of school. I can be so dumb sometimes. Locked inside my self-absorbed, loner world. He and I needed each other. We live in the middle of nowhere and it can get pretty lonely.  It looked like my first day of middle-school was going to be worse than I had even imagined. I hadn’t even got to the school, and it had already gone to shit. But Sid saved me. He saved me and opened my eyes. 


7 responses to “On with the Show

  1. Very good descriptive writing. I have no trouble picturing the scenes in my mind. The characters are easily visualized also. Your writing seems a lot more mature than your actual age. Comes from life experience I guess? You really have a talent for this…


  2. Hello David
    The story's progressing nicely, another interesting new character and a well-drawn picture of rural/small town surroundings. I'll be tuning in for the next episode!

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. I guess you could say I “know” my topic and characters very well. I've always read a ton and I can't count how many times I write and rewrite almost every sentence I've posted so far. This is a lot of work, but it's important for me to write this. Thanks for reading 🙂


  4. You sound like every other writer I know. Few just throw out the first draft or even second or third.

    I get exactly where this is coming from, knowing you for what, nearly 5 years now gives me some insight.

    I love it so far. Please continue.
    Peace <3


  5. What an awesome birthday present to find! You're pretty good at this timing thing!

    You are a good storyteller. You're able to transport the reader right into the scene. It definitely helps writing from experience.

    I took a motorcycle ride through Stillwater last year. It's a beautiful area, and great twisty hilly roads to carve on. My bike crapped out on me, but at least I broke down in a cool spot.

    Keep writing, I'm enjoying it!




  6. I agree with the previous commenters. I felt like I was right there on that bus with Daniel and Sid. There's a good balance of interesting dialogue and inner monologue. I get the sense that Daniel and Sid both feel like misfits, and I'm hopeful that they'll become closer friends.


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