I promised honesty, so  here it goes…

But I was wrong. As I stopped and turned, expecting to receive my first black eye of the school year, what I saw was a girl. Smiling. Seemingly not interested in feeding me a fist. After I composed myself, pasted a smile on my own face, it occurred to me that I’d seen this girl before. Of course!  It’s my neighbor. I’ve seen her before, however, never this close. 
“Hi” she said, shyly, yet confidently. 
“Hi” I replied, shyly, and not so confident. 
“Umm…I’m new here and umm, I didn’t go to that orientation thing, and I was wondering if you could help me find my locker and home room. I mean if you could and have the time to…”
“Sure” I said, interrupting her, relieving her of her uncomfortable request. “I know you’re new, because you live on my street. I’ve seen you. Ummm…what’s your locker number?”
“Ohh, yeah it’s 236 and yes, we are neighbors. That’s kind of why I asked you. You seem nice.”
“This way I think” I said, leading down the hall, while looking at all the lockers, a little embarrassed and a little excited.  
“Here it is” I announced proudly. 
“Oh thanks. I don’t actually need to get in it now, but I know where it is now. So where is yours?”
I turned around and pointed about 5 feet away, across the hall. “Right there. 241.”
“Oh funny” she smiled back. “Do you need to go there?”
“Nope. So where’s your home room?”
She pulled a sheet out of her pocket and read “102. Mr. Holman. Do you know where that is?”
“Easy. That’s my home room too. Let’s go.”
This was turning out to be a super cool first day of school. I already acquired a bodyguard, and maybe even my first friend. 
We talked as we worked our way to our home room. I learned that her name was Kayla and she moved here from Toronto. A Canadian. She seems pretty cool and she is very hot looking. She’s the same height as me with short black hair and big light brown eyes, with super long lashes. I think you’d describe her as petite. She has a kind of alternative or slightly punk rock look about her. It was cool to learn that I have two cool people in my little neighborhood. 
It’s common knowledge that the first day of school is the easiest you’ll get all year, and today was no exception. In all, I had two classes and lunch with my new friend Kayla. There was really only one occasion during the day that caused me panic. Gym. Gym itself is fine and I’m a pretty good athlete. The part that bothered me was the swimming unit that would hit the last two weeks of October. I swim fine, so the swimming is not the problem. It’s the required showers that I dread so much. You see, I pretty much still have the same penis I was born with. Even last year in sixth grade when I’d steal peaks at urinal row (you know you do it too) I could see some of my classmates were starting to grow bigger dicks. Some of them even had pubes coming in!  Not me. My pin dick looked the same as the day I was born. 
Last year “naive me” even asked my sister about it. Lucky for me, she is awesome, so she didn’t use my innocence and stupidity against me, but instead, tried to calm me down. She told me “don’t worry. Everybody is different. You have plenty of time. You’re probably just a late bloomer.”
Great. Late bloomer. I have these horrific visions in my head of my classmates pointing and laughing at me in the shower saying “hahaha!  Look at the little baby dick!  I could picture spending my 7th grade year with the whole school calling me “baby dick.”
The day came to a close with the final bell and I dodged my way through the crowd, back to my locker. As I turned away from my locker, Kayla was standing there, wearing that smile again. 
“Hi. How was your day?” She asked. 
“Pretty good. No homework yet” I replied excitedly. 
As we started our journey toward the buses, she asked “do you want to sit together on the ride home?  It’s a long ride to spend alone.”
“Yeah, sure! My ride this morning was not so…” I started to say, but abruptly stopped. A little embarrassed by the events that took place. 
Kayla understood and bailed me out. 
“I know. I saw. Ummm that guy seems like a real jerk. I’m sorry he…”
“It’s ok. Really..,and thanks. Anyway I don’t think he’ll be bugging me anymore. Sid told him to stop and yeah” I was starting to turn a bright red, having just admitted
that I couldn’t defend myself or take care of my own problems.
Again Kayla was there, this time to change the subject, when it really needed changing. 
“Sid. Is he the other one from our bus stop this morning?”
“Ok. Yeah…he’s umm interesting.”
“You have no idea” I responded, as we both chuckled, thinking about that wacky kid Sid. 
I followed her onto the bus and she chose a bench pretty close to the front. She slid to the window and I sat beside her. A minute later, Sid boarded. He looked at me and kind of said “wow” with his eyes when he saw who I was sitting next to. The ride home was fine except for a few awkward moments when neither Kayla nor I could think of anything to say. 
There are times when you just know something is meant to happen, and I just knew meeting Kayla was one of those things for me. I don’t know how to explain it, but we were meant to be friends. She moved to my street in the middle of nowhere for a reason. I am proud to say that after knowing her all of 6 hours, that she is a dear friend to me. Call me crazy, but I just know it. 
We got to our stop and unloaded. Kayla lived to the left, and I to the right. Kayla stopped and faced me. She looked at me with that great smile and said “thank you so much for all your help today and it was really nice to finally meet you.”
I said “it’s nice meeting you too.”
Then she reached out and squeezed the fingertips on my right hand and said “see you tomorrow” as she slipped away toward her house, giggling as she goes. 
“Daammmnnn Dog!  Look at you working your magic. First day of school son” Sid said while aggressively grabbing me at the waist. Then he started to hump me while saying “tap, tap, tap, tap. Oh Daniel!  My love.”
I was stuck somewhere between horrified and embarrassed. I glanced toward Kayla who was a good distance away, but still heard the commotion. She turned her head and laughed at my predicament, as she continued to disappear down the path, giggling and skipping as she goes. 
After Sid humped himself out, he let me go and continued his praise. “I was like that little shit ain’t gonna sit with me. Wad up with that?  But then I saw the honey. Good work son!  You got to tap that fo sho.”
I was not sure what I should do or say, so I just stood there stupefied. “She’s just a friend Sid” I managed to get out after some thought. 
“Seriously?  You can’t tell that girl wants you?  She’s got it bad for you bro.”
“Yes really. Nice work dog. She’s a little hottie” Sid said as he crossed in front of me, tapping me gently on my chest. “I got to bounce. Later.”
I stood there by myself for a while to process the last two minutes of my life. Kayla was the first girl who ever touched me and it was cool. She was cool. Did she really like me as more than a friend?  Could Sid be right or was he just messing with me?
The other question in my mind was far more difficult to wrap my head around. As nice as Kayla’s touch was, when Sid grabbed me on my hips and pushed himself into me over and over, that is what took my breath away and gave me these butterflies. His touch was the reason I stood there stunned, unable to talk. His touch is the reason I’m standing here right now with my little dick pointing due north in my boxer shorts. 

Here is a great little song about friendship.  Link to YouTube to watch it.  It’s worth it.  The picture below is the actual magic hat.


4 responses to “LIVE THROUGH THIS (part 4)

  1. Thanks for the hat photo, it really adds to the story to see the object so was so lovingly described, to actually have an image of the ‘olive green Decky visor beanie’. And the story continues to be very interesting and illuminating. And the writing continues to be just fantastic, I’m just blown away by how good it is. How did you reach this level so quickly? I wish I could write like that.

    What an amazing first day at school Daniel had! To have two new friends as Sid and Kayla become a part of his life in the same day was certainly unusual and lucky I think.

    That really is a nice song, thanks for the link.

    The first thing I do in the morning now (well, almost) is look for another episode to read. You’re doing great, keep it up!


  2. Hello David
    Very interesting episode, another excellent new character, another facet of Daniel, and a nice element of tension between between those two plot developments. It made me think immediately of a sunny May afternoon, at a cricket match, when I was all of 12 years and six days old, and began to realise, for the first time, that I was 'different' from my friends. As ever, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

    Love & best wishes
    Sammy B


  3. Another interesting installment. BUT WHAT ABOUT DEREK?? Lol.

    A word of writing advice… it's generally best not to have two characters whose names start with the same letter. Readers get confused. So far we have Daniel & Derek, and Kari & Kayla. I know that's gonna mix me up, especially if I can't read the story in one sitting.

    I'm squeeing for Daniel. I hope Kayla turns out to be a good friend to him. She seems really nice so far.


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