It didn’t take long for the long, wet grass to penetrate our shoes and jeans. Soaking our socks and legs from the knees down. It was terribly uncomfortable, but I kept my mouth shut. Don’t want to sound like a whiner, do I. This event is pretty important to Kayla, and I don’t want to ruin it for her. 
We slowed our pace down, as we neared the edge of the property.  Surveying the land and keeping quiet, as if we were on some kind of stealth mission. The first building on our expedition was the silo. Kayla took my hand and led me into the tall building. Instinctually, we both bent our heads back and looked up. 
“It’s very tall, but very boring” Kayla announced. “Let’s check out those barns.”
We jogged over to the first of two barns. This one was still in pretty good shape. All the walls were still up, and the roof was intact. The formerly red paint had faded to a chalky pink, and large sections had flaked off, revealing the natural, raw wood. As we walked in, a group of birds, chirped and flapped out of the entrance. Startled, and none too happy about our intrusion. 
We scoped out the barn, but the supplies had been picked over by many years of uninvited scavengers. There were some nuts, bolts, wire, and obscure tools. All covered in rust and dirt. In the back corner, someone had hung a doll by its neck, from a chain that was bolted to the rafters. Creepy. 
Kayla worked her way over to the steps that lead up to the hayloft. 
“Daniel. Come over here” she called out. 
“Yeah. What you got?” I asked, as I walked over. 
“Let’s go up there.”
“I don’t know” I said skeptically. “Do you think those steps look like they will hold? What if we get up there and the floor collapses?”
She put out her lower lip and said in her best pouty voice “oh, you’re no fun Mr. Party Pooper.”
Then, ignoring my concerns, she hoisted herself up the first two-by-four, turned back, and asked “haven’t you always wanted to do it in a hayloft?  You know like how it is in all the horror movies.”  She batted her eyes at me, and continued her journey up the steps. 
Was she serious?  I asked myself. Does she really want to have sex?  Now? Here?  I obediently, yet nervously, followed her up to the top of the steps, thinking to myself, she can’t be serious!  We stepped onto the platform and waited for our eyes to adjust to the low light. It was very unspectacular, to say the least. There was no hay to be found. Only a scuffed up, dirty wood floor. 
“Not really what I was hoping for” she complained. “Let’s check out more of the farm.”
We went back outside and into the next barn. This building was much larger and sectioned off into stables. Again, there wasn’t much to see. 
The next building was nothing more than a shell with a collapsed roof and three walls. Next to that was a large pile of wood and debris. Probably another building of some kind, a long time ago. 
Kayla then turned, facing the old, white farm house. “Only one left to check out. Save the best for last, right?”
“Yeah” I said, trying to hide my fear. 
We walked up the decaying steps and stood silent for a minute. I swear the sky became a little bit darker, and the wind a little bit stronger. There was no door. Just random scraps of wood, rudely nailed across the opening. The lowest three boards had been pried off, allowing access into the house, on your hands and knees. 
“You first” Kayla demanded gently. 
I exhaled exaggeratedly, and squatted down to look inside. I couldn’t see much of anything, so I stuck my head inside and looked around. The windows were boarded up as well, so it was hard to see much of anything.  I guess Kayla was either bored or impatient, as she took this opportunity to pinch my ass, causing me to lift my head, and of course, bang it on a two-by-six. 
I pulled my head back out, scowled at her and asked “what the hell?”
Kayla giggled and answered “I couldn’t resist. Sorry…but, what’s the hold up?  Let’s go!”
“Let me make sure I don’t have a concussion first, ok?” I protested. 
“I’m sorry. I didn’t think you’d hit your head.”
“It’s ok. Let’s go” I said, while checking my head for blood or a lump. 
I scooted my way inside, stood up, and Kayla followed. Like in the barn, we held still for a minute, waiting for our eyes to adjust to the dim light. While we stood there, Kayla, feeling bad about how her prank worked out, rubbed my head and whispered “sorry” into my ear. I reassured her it was “ok” and “nothing to worry about.”
I noticed as things came into focus, that we were in the kitchen. Or what was left of it anyway. This place was trashed. The few cupboard doors that remained, were hanging by single hinges. Every glass, plate,bowl and mug, was smashed all over the counters and floors. There was every kind of trash you can imagine, everywhere you looked. 
“Gross” Kayla observed. 
“Yeah, huh.”
We waded our way through the dump, going through all the spaces that once were probably a dining room and living room. There was a short hallway that led to a couple more rooms, and a staircase that led upstairs. The railing was smashed and a few of the steps were caved in. All around the rooms we were in, the walls were smashed and dirty. Some graffiti and who knows what else, smeared on them. 
We walked down the short hallway on torn carpets and squeaky floorboards. I was scared as hell, but composed myself enough to go along. 
We entered the room at the front corner of the house and saw some dirty cushions in the middle of the floor. Scattered around the cushions was booze bottles, beer cans, and cigarette buts. There was a gigantic penis spray printed on one of the walls. We both giggled and I announced I get this bedroom, when we move in. 
We stepped back into the hallway and entered the last room on the ground floor. There was a large pentagram painted on the floor, with some candles and other junk. We both turned toward the side wall behind us. I then said aloud the two words written largely on the wall. 
There was a brief pause, while we both processed what we were seeing. Then we simultaneously lost it. Hail satin?  We cracked up. I guess you don’t need to know how to spell to dedicate your life to devil worship. The fear and tension was released from my uptight body. What a joke, I thought, as we shared this ridiculous moment. 
But then I heard it. The unmistakable sound of a chair leg, dragging across the floor upstairs. 
“Shhh. Shhhh. Did you hear that? I whispered. 
“Hear what?”
“Someone’s upstairs. I heard something.”
Kayla could tell I wasn’t kidding, seeing the sudden fear I was feeling. 
“What did you hear?  I didn’t hear nothing.”
“We better go” I said, as I grabbed her and slowly steered us out of the room.
Then we both heard footsteps moving across the upstairs floor. Panic and terror had a grasp on both of us, as we ran the short distance to the front door. Kayla dove through the opening, and reached for me as I followed. We were on our feet and running as fast as we could from the house. We ran into the tall grass toward a group of trees, before we even dared to look behind us. We took cover in the trees and stopped to catch our breath. 
I got up the courage to peer out from behind our hiding spot, but didn’t see anything. No sign of anybody in pursuit. Both of us looked back toward the house and saw nothing. 
“That was so fucked up” I said, still trying to catch my breath. 
“Holy shit!  This is so insane!  Who the hell was in there!  I’ve never been so scared in my life” Kayla confessed back. 
“Come on. Let’s go back to my house and get out of these wet clothes. And get far away from this place.”
Kayla agreed, so we headed back. The combination of wet socks, sweat, and coming off the kick of adrenaline, made the commute back grueling. The prize of warm, dry clothes and being far from the farm, was motivation enough, to keep us going. 
We walked in, removed our jackets,shoes, and socks, and headed up to my bedroom. I went to my dresser and pulled out a pair of sweatpants, and a pair of flannel pajama pants. I turned back toward Kayla and was surprised to see her tugging her jeans off of her hips. I assumed she would want to change in the bathroom, but obviously not. 
“Umm, do you want sweats or pjs? I asked, unable to peel my eyes off of her lean legs and tiny, red panties. 
“Sweats” she said, drawing my attention back to her smiling and giggling face. 
Busted!  I thought to myself. I tossed the sweats to her. She pulled them up and collapsed onto my bed. 
I didn’t want to seem like a sissy or something, so I unzipped my jeans and started to take them off. She was lying on her back looking at the ceiling anyway. But when I looked up, she was propped on her elbows, watching me change. I pulled on my flannels and said “maybe I should throw our wet stuff in the dryer?”
“Nah. Come lay here a while first. It feels good to relax. I think we earned it,”
I couldn’t disagree, so I plopped myself next to her on the bed. 
Kayla turned onto her side, facing me. 
“Thanks for taking me down there. I can see why you stay away from there. It’s freaky.”
“No doubt huh. That place is messed up, but I’m glad you got to see it. So now you know.”
“Yeah. Don’t think I need to go back, but I wonder who was there with us?  So creepy!”
We both just laid there silent. At one point Kayla cuddled up against me. I had both of my arms behind my head, causing my t-shirt to creep up my lower abdomen. Kayla placed her hand on my exposed flesh, and gently massaged me, just below my bellybutton. It felt damn good and I got a stiffy. I wasn’t sure what she was planning to do, but surprisingly, I wasn’t scared. She silently explored the area around my bellybutton and up under my shirt, on my chest, in a random pattern of swirls. My breathing deepened and slowed down, even as my mind was screaming.  Her soft fingertips sent tingling bolts of ticklish energy throughout my body. But that electricity would gather together, and send intense feeling, just below my waist. It awoke a hunger in me I’ve never felt before. However, before long, her hand stopped, and she fell asleep. Not long after, I was sleeping too. 


5 responses to “LIVE THROUGH THIS (part 11)

  1. Wow, that old farm is a much larger collection of structures than I was picturing, I was thinking of just an abandoned house.

    Kayla sure was forward, with the hayloft statement and the pinch.

    That house sure was a mess. I was feeling icky just walking through it mentally.

    Finally Kayla began to share your fear of the place, with good reason. I wonder who was there upstairs? At least she agreed that one visit was enough.

    Wow, she sure knows how to turn a young guy on with her touching. But then she fell asleep and so did Daniel. I wonder what happens now? Will they be caught when mom comes home? Another cliffhanger!

    Great story telling and wonderfully descriptive writing!


  2. “Wake up, little Susie…wake up!!!” lol!

    And what happened just before, “Not long after…” Hmm…

    Great description of the old farm…sounds just like some of the old places I've explored.




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